Russian Citizens Protest Putin In Droves Despite Threat Of Arrest


“Thousands of people protested President Vladimir Putin’s attacks on Ukraine in cities across Russia in a striking show of anger in a nation where spontaneous mass demonstrations are illegal and protesters can face fines and jail,” The Washington Post reported on Thursday, and many of those who protested were arrested. The protests apparently emerged in at least 52 Russian cities on Thursday, which is the day that Russia’s full-fledged invasion of Ukraine began, and arrests totaled over 1,500. No matter the Putin regime’s efforts to punish opposition, about 1,000 people apparently turned out in Moscow alone to demonstrate against the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine.

In the lead-up to the invasion operation that began this week, Putin found supporters among U.S. Republicans, including Trump, who characterized Russian leadership’s decision to recognize two regions in Ukraine as independent countries and announce troop deployments for the areas as “genius” and “savvy.” Fox host Tucker Carlson, meanwhile, questioned whether Putin or Democrats constituted more of a threat to people of the United States, telling his viewers that they “should be mad at the people who are making your life worse, who are preventing you from saying what you think is true, who are calling you a racist” — rather than Putin, apparently. Carlson is characterizing mild inconveniences for conservatives facing accusations of racism as essentially on the same level as — if not, for U.S. residents, more serious than — violence by Russia against Ukraine. The Russian demonstrators who risked serious criminal consequences to make a stand opposing Putin are braver than these egomaniacal conservatives could dream to be. Check out footage of protests from across Russia following Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine below: