Ukraine Soldiers Recapture Kyiv Airport In Blow To Putin Offensive


As the world watches the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military, purportedly to protect the Russian people from the “Nazis” like Jewish President Zelensky, who lost family members during the Holocaust, one moment to cheer on happened on Thursday night when Ukraine was able to recapture their airport in Kyiv.

Russia attacked Ukraine from the south, going across the border in Crimea to invade Kyiv, the capital city and the seat of the Ukrainian government’s power. Reports from the Ukrainian government there say that their troops were able to seize their airport back from Russian elite airborne forces.

According to The Daily Mail:

‘Ukraine‘s government claimed on Thursday to have retaken an airport on the outskirts of Kyiv that Russian airborne troops had earlier seized, as President Volodymyr Zelensky ordered compulsory enlistment and banned all men aged 18-60 from leaving the country. Ukraine’s Armed Forces in an update at 8pm local time (1pm ET) said they believe more than 60 Russian battalion tactical groups – the equivalent of between 30,000 to 60,000 troops – have been deployed on Ukrainian territory.’

It is unlikely, however, that Kyiv will be able to be fully protected from invasion. In fact, American analysts have low hopes that the Russian military will be prevented from causing more damage and killing more innocent people in Ukraine.

‘General George Joulwan, who commanded NATO during the Balkan war, said on Thursday night he expects Kiev to fall within 24-36 hours. As night fell on Thursday, residents were seeking shelter in the city’s deep subway system, knowing that an overnight barrage was likely.’

The pushback of Russian airborne troops, however, does mark an early victory for Ukraine, whose military is neither as sophisticated nor as well-funded as the Russian military. It is unclear at this time when outside troops might be sent to Ukraine’s aid.

‘The airborne units are considered elite forces, specially selected for their skill and ability to parachute in during the initial attack. Yet by Thursday evening, Ukraine’s government said that they had retaken control of the airport. Deputy Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko made the announcement, The Kyiv Independent reported.’