Alexander Vindman Issues Rallying-Cry To Help Ukraine


Ret. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who is originally from Ukraine but has long since been a resident of the U.S., continued rallying observers to Ukraine’s defense amid the ongoing Russian invasion of the smaller country. Vindman possesses expertise in policy matters related to Ukraine, and he served in that area while working on the National Security Council, before his firing under the Trump administration after testifying to Congress about a phone conversation between then-President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Trump tried to cajole the Ukrainians into launching investigative efforts favorable to the then-president’s team in exchange for military equipment, according to a transcript of a particular conversation between the two that was released by Trump’s own administration.

Vindman called for further military assistance for Ukraine, which is continuing to struggle against the Russian onslaught — although Ukrainian authorities claim that they’ve inflicted substantial losses, including thousands of casualties, on Russia amid the conflict. The Biden administration recently outlined hundreds of millions of dollars in additional military aid for Ukraine, bringing the total amount of such assistance for Ukraine that’s been rolled out under the Biden administration to $1 billion. The aid was set to include anti-aircraft weaponry and anti-armor missiles, among other related items. As Vindman put it:

‘Ukraine needs helmets. Ukraine needs body armor. Ukraine needs the transfer of all that gear intended for Afghanistan. Call your elected officials and urge them to send these items now!’

Vindman also derided Putin for his decision to order Russia’s nuclear forces to be on alert. Vindman described Putin’s move as “Cold War-era nuclear saber-rattling intended to [elicit] self-deterrence,” adding: “Our predecessors were subjected to generations of it… they were unflinching in defending [their] interest. Putin is not suicidal, he is not a madman. These are empty threats to drive a flight response.” Further deriding Putin, Vindman also added that “[so] far Putin is threatening or posturing the use of thermobarics, the weaponization of nuclear fallout from Chernobyl & now apparently the Russian nuclear Arsenal. The Russians are trying to get from the negotiating table what they haven’t earned through blood on the battlefield.” In other words, Vindman sounds like he sees right through recent Russian moves.

Vindman also shared footage showcasing recent Russian losses. According to Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, equipment losses on Russia’s side include over two dozen planes, more than two dozen helicopters, nearly 150 tanks, over 700 armored personnel carriers — and counting. Check out the related footage that Vindman shared below: