Liz Cheney Hits Trump For Deliberately Weakening NATO


During an appearance on CBS’s Face The Nation this Sunday, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) criticized the isolationist stance within the Republican Party, which has also been expressed specifically by former President Donald Trump. Cheney rhetorically dinged Trump for spending as much time as he did during his presidency antagonizing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and other interests who are allied to the United States. In the presently unfolding situation involving Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — which has displaced over 360,000 Ukrainians and counting, according to the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees — NATO and others have been able to mount substantial defenses against Russian aggression, for their own interests and those of Ukraine. The latter would be covered perhaps most directly by military equipment that’s been sent to the Ukrainians.

Cheney, meanwhile, commented as follows:

‘I think, though, it’s very clear if you look at some of the challenges that we’re dealing with now, President Trump spent a large part of his presidency, for example, attacking NATO — saying that NATO was obsolete, attacking our allies, and we are certainly seeing today how crucially important NATO is, how crucially important our allies are.’

Cheney also criticized the broader push within the Republican Party, or specific corners of it at least, to essentially cut off the U.S. from certain other concerns around the world. Trump expressed this during his presidency with his so-called America First foreign policy approach, but others have taken up the mantle. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), for instance, has derisively questioned U.S. support for Ukraine eventually joining NATO, raising complaints about the obligations that the U.S. would have to assist Ukraine with its defense in the event that it formally joined the alliance. Isolationism enables Putin, Cheney insisted. As she added:

‘We’ve seen isolationism in both parties, and it’s always been wrong, and it’s always been dangerous. America can not defend and maintain our own freedom and security if we think that we’re going to simply withdraw from the world and not lead… Anyone who thinks that U.S. freedom and security is going to be maintained if we take a step back and don’t lead, you simply need to look at what’s happening in Ukraine to recognize that those who fill the void when the U.S. steps away are people like the Russians, like the Chinese, like the Iranians… It’s also wrong morally. America stands for freedom. America was founded on fundamental principles of freedom. And I think it’s indefensible for people to abandon those or suggest that we have no view as between Russia and Ukraine in this battle.’

Check out Cheney’s comments below: