Switzerland Sanctions Russia In Reversal Of Neutrality Stance


In an extremely surprising move, the keeper of secret bank accounts and long-declared neutral Switzerland has joined the European Union (EU) in sanctioning Russia for attacking Ukraine. It too will freeze Russia’s assets. And Switzerland is not alone among neutral countries.

On Monday, Switzerland’s President Ignazio Cassis commented that it was “very probable” his country would support Ukraine, sanction Russia, and freeze any Russian assets the nation’s banks had, according to The New York Times:

‘It is very probable that the government will decide to do so tomorrow, but I cannot anticipate decisions not yet taken.’

Discover Switzerland explained that Switzerland was a competitive world leader among the financial centers:

‘Roughly a quarter of total global cross-border assets are managed in Switzerland. The Swiss financial centre is also a leader in transaction financing and a key international location for insurance and reinsurance. Switzerland therefore boasts a large number of banks and insurance companies.’

It continued explaining Switzerland’s financial systems:

‘The main financial hubs are Zurich and Geneva, both of which have an international reputation, with Lugano taking third place. The Swiss financial sector is a cornerstone of the Swiss economy and generates around 10% of GDP.’

President Cassis noted that his country intended to keep its neutrality status, but at the same time it can “call a spade a spade.”

There are hundreds of thousands of people marching to support Ukraine across the globe. Tens of thousands are marching in Switzerland, protesting their nation’s “cautious official policy.”

Not only has Switzerland announced it was going to support Ukraine, two other neutral nations have joined it. Both neutral Sweden and Finland announced their intentions, according to The Newsweek Magazine:

‘Grateful to [Finland] for allocating $50 million [in] aid. It’s an effective contribution to the anti-war coalition. We keep working. We need to increase sanction and [Ukraine] defense support.”

Switzerland, Finland, Sweden are all sanctioning Russia, according to Radio Free Europe. But Russian President Vladimir Putin was not pleased. This is how he responded:

‘Russia just threatened military consequences against Finland and Sweden. They f***** insane.’

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President Putin has been sanctioned more harshly than any country ever has. The point of Switzerland participating in sanctions was to send a message to him that he screwed up big time. It has been harder to invade Ukraine than the Russian president anticipated. Even Ukrainian great-grandmothers have taken to the streets defending their country with AK-47s. Volunteers have set up checkpoints to slow down the Russian tanks.

The world is supporting Ukraine with the Russian president becoming ever more isolated. He may well destroy his own country instead of crushing Ukraine.

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