Almost 6000 RussianTroops Killed & 800+ Vehicles Destroyed By Ukraine


Ukrainian defenders are fiercely fighting to beat back the ongoing Russian invasion of their country. As reported by The Kyiv Independent, Ukraine’s Armed Forces are now estimating that they have wiped out 5,840 Russian soldiers, over 200 Russian tanks, and more than 860 armored personnel carriers belonging to the invaders. These figures have continued to increase as the war has dragged on — although not without devastating losses on Ukraine’s side as well. As also reported by The Kyiv Independent, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine says that Russian forces have killed over 2,000 Ukrainian civilians since Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the smaller country began. At least 677,000 Ukrainians have already fled the country, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees believes that the number could eventually reach four million.

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Russian invaders have been attacking Ukrainian civilians, including in Kharkiv, which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently said that “nobody will forgive. Nobody will forget.” Russian forces specifically targeted an area in Kharkiv known as Freedom Square, which Zelenskyy characterized as “frank, undisguised terror,” adding: “This is state terrorism of the Russian Federation.” Kharkiv resident Ekaterina Babenko explained that the situation “is a nightmare, and it seizes you from the inside very strongly. This cannot be explained with words… We have small children, elderly people, and frankly speaking it is very frightening.” Children have been among those killed by Russian attacks around Ukraine. Talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegations about potentially ending the war took place on Monday without any substantial breakthrough; Zelenskyy said regarding the prospect of future negotiations that “as for dialogue, I think yes, but stop bombarding people first and start negotiating afterwards.”

A large Russian convoy — stretching for some 40 miles — has recently been documented to be approaching the Ukrainian capital city, Kyiv. Governments from the around the world have rushed to both provide aid for Ukrainians and isolate the Russian regime through measures such as economic sanctions, although for now, those sanctions have been designed to protect energy prices in various locales. Billions of dollars worth of foreign currency reserves and financing for the Russian military have been among the targets of outside governments responding to Putin’s invasion, and the value of Russian currency has plummeted. Russian authorities have kept up their campaign to tamp down on domestic opposition to the war, with thousands of arrests of anti-war demonstrators and reported efforts by police to search out opposition outside of protest scenes.