Ukraine Shoots Down Multiple Russian Jets And Captures Pilot


Ukrainian soldiers shot down multiple Russian jets using surface to air missiles. Soon after, civilians and soldiers were seen capturing the pilots after they ejected. They were then seen on video being interrogated by angry captors:

‘You are killing our people, you b*****d.’

Their captors were enraged. One pulled bombing mission maps from a plane, according to Radio Free Europe:

‘Were you blind? You were going to bomb civilians. How many bombing flights did you perform?’

Russia’s military has been embarrassed with its inability to secure “air superiority over Ukraine.” It “has been blighted by embarrassing logistical failures and supply problems.”

The Ukraine military claimed these numbers:

  • ’44 planes
  • 48 helicopters
  • 285 tanks
  • 985 armored cars
  • 60 fuel tankers
  • 11,000 Russian soldiers killed’

Caught on video, the Ukrainians took down a Russian “Hind” helicopter with a stinger missile. Bellingcat, an investigative journalism group geolocated the helicopter attack to about 25 miles from Kyiv. It has been described as a 1972 Soviet “Mi-24 Hind gunship, which was…dubbed the “flying tank:”

‘It was the beginning of a flurry of losses for the Russians – with reports of five warplanes and choppers being shot down. Two MI-8 and two MI-35 helicopters are believed to have been downed, along with warplanes including two Su-34s, two Su-25s and one Su-30SM.’

North of Kyiv in Chernihiv, footage showed two pilots parachuting. Only one of the two pilots survived. His head was wrapped with a bandage, and his t-shirt was stained with blood. Their aircraft was the Sukhoi Su-34  fighter-bomber used in Syria.

The soldiers who captured them forced them to say “glory to Ukraine.” Then they asked:

‘Why are you bombing people?’

In another video taken in Mykolaiv, a pilot was forced onto his knees and questioned by the Ukrainian soldiers. He was wearing an orange jumpsuit and bloodied, too.

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Russia’s Ministry of Defence (British spelling) officials said they are surprised by the resistance’s “scale and strength.” They warned that Putin was intentionally hitting populated areas with the goal of breaking Kyiv’s people’s morale.  Then, they compared Ukraine to Russia’s Chechnya and Syria fighting campaigns.

Finally, a White House spokesperson announced that the U.S. is free to send Poland warplanes, which they will keep. Then, Poland will send its own warplanes to Ukrainian pilots. These pilots do not know how to fly the U.S. fighter jets. At this time, they train on the Russian-made aircraft.

Putin said that our pilots flying in to aid Ukraine would be like a  “declaration of war “as would a “no-fly zone” over the country.

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Now Russia is threatening the U.K. It warned it “will not forget” that the country assisted Ukraine. Then it said to prepare for “tough retaliation.”

One pundit noted that we cannot trust Putin, because he lies. This proved too true when Russia and Ukraine declared a ceasefire Saturday. The channel for Ukrainian citizens to leave was at an important port located in southeastern Ukraine. Just one hour into the civilians’ departure, Russia broke their agreement and started bombing. A ceasefire was tried again today with the same consequences.

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