Another 2020 Election Audit Confirms Decisive Biden Victory


Officials in the state of Michigan, which was among those won by Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, have once again confirmed the systematic integrity of the 2020 presidential election process, at least in their own jurisdiction (and there’s never been any real-world indication of systematic fraud elsewhere in the process). As summarized by the office of Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson in a press release, “An audit of the Michigan Bureau of Elections released… by the Michigan Office of the Auditor General confirmed the effectiveness of the post-election audits carried out after the 2020 presidential election.” Benson remarked as follows:

‘By confirming the effectiveness of the most comprehensive post-election audit in state history, the Auditor General affirmed what has been demonstrated time and time again – Michigan’s 2020 election was secure and the outcome accurately reflects the will of the voters. The auditors recognized the tremendous work the Michigan Bureau of Elections and local election officials did to carry out more than 250 successful post-election audits by rating the bureau’s performance perhaps better than ever.’

These circumstances aptly point to another important part of the post-election political landscape: the notion that the 2020 presidential election results have gone un-examined, or at least haven’t been investigated to a meaningfully effective extent, is false (and it’s been false for awhile). When Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) supported his opposition to confirming Biden’s victory by calling for investigations into the outcome, he wasn’t just sticking to the facts — he was flat-out misrepresenting that numerous examinations of the electoral process had already taken place. Cruz said before January 6 of last year that he wanted “to force the appointment of an emergency Electoral Commission to perform an emergency audit of the election results [and] to assess these claims of fraud,” but that was all nonsense.

In Michigan, items under examination in the newly concluded audit included actions taken by the Michigan Bureau of Elections from the beginning of May 2019 to the end of May last year. Benson added that the “performance of Michigan’s clerks in the 2020 election and the months that followed was outstanding, especially when we take into consideration the national, coordinated and shameful effort to overturn the legitimate outcome of the election and undermine the clerks themselves.” Numerous individuals tied to the conducting of the last presidential election have faced sometimes very serious threats tied to baseless conspiracy theories about the security of the process. In January, the Justice Department revealed the apprehension of a Nevada resident who placed multiple threatening phone calls to an elections worker in the state, to whom he said that elections personnel were all “going to… die” — but the examples go well on from there. Read more here.