Zelenskyy Given ‘Reagan Freedom Award’ For Defending Democracy


The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute is awarding its Ronald Reagan Freedom Award to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy over his fight to beat back Russian aggression. Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces invaded Zelenskyy’s country, and Zelenskyy has been unwavering in his commitment to defending the citizens and place he’s been tasked to represent, even as Russian military personnel have consistently targeted the Ukrainian capital city, Kyiv, and despite Zelenskyy’s reported targeting by Russian government-backed assassins. The Reagan Foundation tied their award for Zelenskyy to “his courageous fight against tyranny and… his indomitable stance for freedom and democracy.” Fred Ryan, who serves as chairman of the organization’s board of trustees, pointedly added as follows:

‘The world applauds President Zelensky and all that he stands for — democracy, individual liberty, freedom, and hope.’

In a video released by the foundation, a narrator adds (in reference to the above) that “these are the values and principles that Ronald Reagan fought for all his life… President Zelenskyy’s devotion to the cause of freedom is truly a symbol of man’s highest aspiration.” The video also spotlights, among other things, the worldwide push on behalf of Ukraine that has recently been unfolding, with protests in major cities like New York City and Berlin. There have also been demonstrations against the war, it’s worth noting, in Russia itself, where there’s been a consistent stream of thousands of arrests — and where authorities recently enacted a draconian new set of legal provisions allowing for prison sentences of up to 15 years for certain instances of spreading so-called fake news related to the war in Ukraine. Obviously, the Putin regime can’t be counted on to distinguish between what’s fake and what isn’t. Check out what the Reagan Foundation released below:

As for the progression of the violence in Ukraine, Putin’s regime is standing by its public commitment to the war amid reports of thousands upon thousands of deaths among its troops. Authorities in Ukraine have stated that thousands of civilians in the country have died, although exact numbers are obviously difficult to conclusively determine. Across Ukraine, over 200 schools, nearly three dozen hospitals, and some 1,500 residential buildings have been reported as damaged or destroyed amid the fighting, which has also seen some 1.7 million people and counting flee the country. In Mariupol, hundreds of thousands of residents have been struggling amid continuing Russian strikes and loss of access to basic utilities like running water. “At least 200,000 people remained trapped in Mariupol on Saturday without heat, electricity and water… Médecins Sans Frontières said medicines had run out, with locals drinking snow and rainwater,” The Guardian reported this weekend.

Featured Image (edited): via Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine and available under a Creative Commons License