Donald Trump’s Plane’s Suffers Engine Failure Over Gulf Of Mexico


Flying over the Gulf of Mexico is a bad time to have engine failure. But that is what happened to Donald Trump. Fortunately, his pilot was able to return to New Orleans Lakefront Airport and make an emergency landing. The former president was on board along with his Secret Service people, support staffers, and a few of his advisers.

The ex-president had been at a private fundraising event at the Four Seasons Hotel with some of his biggest donors. The plane’s emergency happened just before 11 p.m. when the plane was scheduled to return Trump back to his home at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, according to The Washington Post.

According to tracking information from ADS-B Exchange, he had only been 75 miles into the journey cruising along at 28,000 feet in the Dassault Falcon 900. when one of its engines failed.

The ex-president had been in Texas Saturday afternoon. Then, he returned to Mara-a-Lago before flying on to New Orleans. On the return trip, when the engine failed, the plane returned to the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

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An air traffic controller brought the jet into a safe landing. After the plane stopped, the air traffic controller said to the pilot:

‘There will be vehicles following you down the runway.’

The pilot responded according to recording with a terse:

‘I appreciate it.’

This was not Trump’s plane. A donor had loaned it to him to make the trip to New Orleans. The plane’s tail number belongs to a Utah business. The company operates over 1,400 airplanes. At this point, the donor’s name is not available.

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