MAGA Cult ‘Freedom Convoy’ Caught In Snarled Traffic & Flops Again


As we watch the 40-mile-long Russian military convoy traffic jam in Ukraine, there is another long trucking convoy in a jam. But this one is in the United States. Hundreds of American truckers, SUVs, and cars tried to shut down Washington, D.C. but failed.

It seemed that they were trying to be a Freedom Convoy like the one in Canada. But they screwed it up. Their plans to shut down Washington were interrupted by breakdowns. Then, they lost sight of one another, according to The Independent.  The point of their convoy was to protest our government’s Coronavirus stand on mandated vaccinations. Except, our government did not force anyone to get the shots. People are even free to not wear the masks.

Flying our American flags upside-down, the convoy went around the interstate that circles D.C. once on their second day, and they made no difference at all. The traffic just absorbed it.

Those in charge of the convoy indicated they decided they would just protest President Joe Biden:

‘The People’s Convoy started at Hagerstown Speedway on Route 40 and reached interstates 81 to 70, then to I-270 before they merged onto the Beltway.’

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The People’s Convoy was made up of 130 semis and hundreds of less substantial vehicles. All in all, it took the convoy 25 minutes to roll on by. According to The Daily Beast, a truck breakdown further hindered the convoy:

‘A white pickup truck with its hood flipped open caused traffic to reduce to stop-and-go on the outer loop up to the Greenbelt area around 3 p.m. on Monday. Nevertheless, organizers remained optimistic, pledging on Telegram, “We will hold the line!” as the group remained split over whether they should enter into Washington, D.C. proper.’


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