‘The Lincoln Project’ Rallies Behind Biden For Defending Democracy


America’s great divide appears to be mending, at least for the time being as the nation’s people come together in support of the Ukrainian president, its people, and even President Joe Biden. ‘The Lincoln Project’ points out that  is when our president really began earning his money, when he answered his 3:00 a.m. call.

Ukraine is two weeks into Putin’s war, which appeared to come out of nowhere. The Ukrainians were living a life much like ours. The next day they were running in terror as the Russians bombed their cities and villages, moving his war from east to west.

Russia had an ill-equipped military carrying rations expired in 2002, as the corrupt leaders had siphoned off military funds. The conscripted soldiers thought they were going into military exercises. Instead, they were asked to fire upon people as close to them as Canada is to us. Many of them were related.

It appeared that Putin was frustrated and decided to bomb the innocents into obliteration. President Biden answered the call. Let us have his back in these cruel times and ponder what we would do in his place:

‘President Biden has America’s back. Do you have his?’

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