Judge Rules Against Trump’s ‘Delay Tactics’ In Sex Assault Case


Donald Trump pushed E. Jean Carroll up against a wall in a fine women’s store’s dressing room and raped her, allegedly. She saved the dress she wore that day, certainly not as a reminder. No, it is evidence.

She sued him. And he countersued. But this time the ex-president’s delay tactic did not work. In a 25-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan scolded the ex-president for claiming that Carroll had been “violating New York’s law against frivolous defamation” with a case against him:

‘A federal judge DENIES Trump’s motion to amend his answer to @EJeanCarrol’s lawsuit in order to countersue her, slamming “delay” tactics in a scathing opinion.’

Kaplan added that had he granted Trump’s “legally deficient” motion that “would make a regrettable situation worse by opening new avenues for significant further delay.” Carroll’s attorney wrote:

‘My client E. Jean Carroll and I could not agree [with the judge] more.’

Screen-Shot-2022-03-11-at-11.36.46-AM Judge Rules Against Trump's 'Delay Tactics' In Sex Assault Case Crime Donald Trump Featured Sexual Assault/Rape Top Stories

Trump’s attorneys requested from the judge permission to use New York’s “anti-SLAPP law” against Carroll in court proceedings. Judge Kaplan backed the characterization of Trump’s legal push as “at least in part for a dilatory purpose” and “at least in part in bad faith,” and the judge also added:

‘[Carroll’s] only claim in this case is a single count of defamation. It could have been tried and decided — one way or the other — long ago. The record convinces this Court that the defendant’s litigation tactics, whatever their intent, have delayed the case to an extent that readily could have been far less.’

Trump’s attorney Alina Habba said:

‘While we are disappointed with the Court’s decision today, we eagerly look forward to litigating this action and proving at trial that the plaintiff’s claims have absolutely no basis in law or in fact.’

‘Friends, stand by for news about Carroll v. Trump’:

Screen-Shot-2022-03-11-at-11.40.02-AM Judge Rules Against Trump's 'Delay Tactics' In Sex Assault Case Crime Donald Trump Featured Sexual Assault/Rape Top Stories

Trump’s attorney claimed he was a “federal employee,” but he actually was not when he allegedly raped Carroll. The argument in favor of Trump is that the Department of Justice should replace Trump as the defendant. That would cancel the suit, because the government “cannot be sued for defamation,” per CNN:

‘REMEMBER! The DOJ did not have to take the case. They DECIDED to use your tax dollars to defend Trump. The brief was written by four dudes . . . to protect other dudes . . . who were hysterical and terrified they might be taken to court by a woman.’

Screen-Shot-2022-03-11-at-11.43.19-AM Judge Rules Against Trump's 'Delay Tactics' In Sex Assault Case Crime Donald Trump Featured Sexual Assault/Rape Top Stories

At an earlier juncture, Judge Denny Chin said:

‘Who is [Trump] serving when he says something like “she’s not my type.” Is he serving the United States of America when he makes that statement? It would be one thing if he said he didn’t do it. He goes way beyond that.’

Trump has kept this on the quieter side. The Department of Justice attorney Mark Freeman said in court Friday:

‘The former president made crude and offensive comments in response to very serious allegations of sexual assault. I’m not here to defend or justify them.’

Even Trump’s luck fails him sometimes.

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