Trump Hit With FEC Complaint For Violating Federal Election Law


With a newly announced complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), a super PAC known as American Bridge is accusing ex-President Trump of violating campaign finance laws. At issue is the fact that Trump appears to be essentially running for the presidency again without having formally declared himself to be a candidate — meaning that (on paper) he’s not subject to campaign finance rules for federal candidates. At an event in New York City last year, Trump appeared to explicitly sketch out that skirting campaign finance rules was the strategy; asked if he’d run again, he said: “Actually for me it’s an easy question… I mean, I know what I’m going to do, but we’re not supposed to be talking about it yet from the standpoint of campaign finance laws.”

Trump also appeared to indicate intentions to run for president again in a recent speech at the latest installment of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, where he said: “We did it twice, and we will do it again… We are going to be doing it again a third time.” As explained by The Washington Post, “Federal rules require candidates to file with the FEC within 15 days of receiving contributions or spending more than $5,000 to influence the election. After declaring, a candidate is subject to donation limits and disclosure requirements that American Bridge contends Trump is willfully evading.” Trump is spending big on the political process; his leadership PAC has recently spent more than $100,000 on Facebook ads a week while bringing in donations frequently totaling more than $1 million a week. Other expenses incurred by Trump’s PAC have included events at properties that Trump owns and consulting payments to individuals who used to work on the Trump campaign — so there’s clearly a lot of continued political activity going on here. Trump hasn’t withdrawn.

As American Bridge President Jessica Floyd commented, “Whenever they are taking a break from calling for tax hikes for Americans and Obamacare repeal, Republicans are scrambling to see who can praise Trump the most — even as he continues his effort to grift his way back to the White House… They should be ashamed to support such obvious lies, and we should all see him for what he is and hold him accountable.” If Trump opts to run for president again, it seems safe to assume that the Republican presidential nomination for the next cycle essentially won’t be in question — leaders across the party, from Congress to the GOP’s organizational apparatus, continue to defer to Trump. Neither his attempts at essentially excusing last year’s attack on the Capitol nor his comments about Russian President Vladimir Putin have shook off Republican support. Read more at this link.