Another High-Profile Russian General Killed By Ukrainian Forces:report


A fourth Russian general has reportedly been killed in ongoing fighting in Ukraine, where Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces recently invaded and have been firing on targets across the country ever since. The Russian military leader who reportedly died was Maj. Gen. Oleg Mityaev, who the Associated Press explains “died Tuesday during the storming of Mariupol, said Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser Anton Gerashchenko, who published a photo on Telegram of what he said was the dead officer.” Mariupol has been besieged by Russian forces during the conflict; hundreds of people were taken hostage by Russian personnel in an area hospital on Tuesday. Local governor Pavlo Kyrylenko explained “troops are using those inside the hospital as human shields and are not allowing anyone to leave,” as summarized by the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, Mityaev apparently fought in Syria before his reported death. In addition, seven ‘elite “maroon beret” special forces fighters from the Vityaz Special Purpose Centre of the Dzerzhinsky Division,’ as the Evening Standard described them, have also apparently been killed amid fighting in Ukraine. The Daily Mail identified these personnel as operating as part of Russia’s national guard, adding that they were apparently under Vladimir Putin’s direct command. Oleksiy Arestovych, a Ukrainian presidential adviser, indicated that he believes the war in Ukraine could be over soon, although he suggested that it could take until May for the end to arrive. As he explained it, recapping certain options: “I think that no later than in May, early May, we should have a peace agreement, maybe much earlier, we will see, I am talking about the latest possible dates… We are at a fork in the road now: there will either be a peace deal struck very quickly, within a week or two, with troop withdrawal and everything, or there will be an attempt to scrape together some, say, Syrians for a round two and, when we grind them too, an agreement by mid-April or late April.”

Arestovych indicated he believes smaller battles could continue well beyond the point of a peace agreement ending the broader invasion. It’s been widely acknowledged that Ukrainians have launched a much more robust defense of their country than the Putin regime appeared to expect. Weeks into the war, Russian forces have been held back from encircling the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, although strikes have continued in the area, and Ukrainian forces claim to have inflicted expansive losses — including thousands and thousands of troops — on the Russian side. Other reported losses on the Russian side include over 100 helicopters and over 400 tanks. Obviously, steep losses in personnel and equipment for those leading the Russian invasion could be expected to provide further incentives to their side for a peace agreement.