Putin’s Propaganda TV Network Undergoes Surge Of Resignations


Russian President Vladimir Putin is facing a brain drain from his state-owned propaganda television stations. Shortly after Channel One’s editor Marina Ovsyannikova walked on camera calling out Putin’s lies, word spread that three more journalists had resigned.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had a message for members of the Russian media. First, he thanked Ovsyannikova. But then he urged anyone who worked for Putin’s state-owned media to resign. He said that “the fourth branch of power” could be in big trouble for “justifying war crimes,” according to BBC. And quitting was another form of protesting.

In another Putin-driven station, NTV, two more journalists left. They were anchor Lilia Gildeyeva, who had worked at that station for sixteen years. And Vadim Glusker, who walked out after nearly 30 years on the job.

American and its European counterparts have already sanctioned two of Putins’ talking puppets. The first Kremlin propagandist was enraged about losing access to his Italian villa and said on his show The evening with Vladimir Soloviev, according to The Daily Beast:

‘I was told that Europe is a citadel of rights, that everything is permitted, that’s what they said… I know from personal experience about the so-called “sacred property rights.”‘

Our Own Truth (Svoya Pravda), RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said:

‘As for those who say “No to war,” I am ashamed that they are my fellow citizens.’

The Russian police took Ovsyannikova and “interviewed” her for 14 hours. A human rights group of attorneys searched frantically for most of that time, because they understood what that could mean to her.

The Kyiv Independent is a Kyiv, Ukraine-based English media outlet:

Russian state TV interrupted by “No War” protest. During the “Vremya” news program on Russia’s main TV channel, Maria Ovsyannikova, a Channel One employee, rushed in front of the camera with a poster saying “stop the war, don’t believe the propaganda.”’

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