Cowboys For Trump Founder Ruled Guilty Over Jan 6 Charges


Another individual who was involved in Donald Trump’s January 6 failed coup could find himself doing time. The creator of the Cowboys for Trump organization, was convicted of “misdemeanor trespassing” in his second trial, and the judge dropped his “disorderly conduct” charge.

Keep in mind that Griffin was in a restricted space, the Capitol grounds, according to The Washington Post.

In a not-so-smart move, the cowboy from Tularosa, New Mexico, posted photos of himself on that fateful day. His organization and others overran the Capitol grounds and some beyond. The legislators had only seconds to evacuate the chamber. The intent of the riot was to halt the presidential election count so that Trump could overthrow our government.

The Cowboy for Trump founder had been given other options in this court. He could have taken “a lesser charge,” but did not. Upon conviction, Griffin faced anywhere up to “one year in jail.” His sentencing has not taken place yet:

‘Griffin, 48, turned down an offer to plead to a lesser charge and probation, waived a trial by jury and bet his freedom on a bench trial that started Monday before U.S. District Judge Trevor N. McFadden of Washington.’

 He was fortunate in that he did not face the charges of “violence or entering the building.” There were over 750 people who did.

Judge McFadden noted that Griffin’s role was “more blatant conduct and position as an elected official might rationally merit different handling by prosecutors:”

‘It’s not clear to me Mr. Griffin knew he was entering a restricted area when [he] climbed over the Olmstead Wall, but by the time he climbed up to the inauguration stage, he certainly knew he shouldn’t be there, yet he remained.’

Judge McFadden dropped Griffin’s disorderly conduct charge, because he believed there was reasonable doubt:

‘[The defendant] could have thought business was still taking place, . . . the burden was on the government.’ 

Trump decided to advance Griffin when he heard him say:

‘The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.’

Griffin claimed he was “speaking metaphorically,” but Twitter dinged him for that in 2021.

He was also elected to the seat of Country Commissioner in Alamogordo, New Mexico. There were only about 10 individuals who were elected officials at the time of the attempted coup:

‘The list includes 69 candidates for governor in 30 states, as well as 55 candidates for the U.S. Senate, 13 candidates for state attorney general and 18 candidates for secretary of state in places where that person is the state’s top election official.’

Screen-Shot-2022-03-22-at-1.54.12-PM Cowboys For Trump Founder Ruled Guilty Over Jan 6 Charges Crime Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories

Ever true to his cowboy character, he pulled up to the courthouse in a pickup truck emblazoned with “We the People.” He even brought an empty horse trailer.

Griffin said:

‘We’re rolling on in. By God’s grace and by his power the law will be followed impartially without a political narrative.’

The Associated Press (AP) reported that Judge Griffin said that the prosecutors failed to prove the Cowboy for Trump was involved in “disorderly conduct:”

‘Arguably, he was trying to calm [rioting] people down, not rile them up.’

Screen-Shot-2022-03-22-at-1.54.24-PM Cowboys For Trump Founder Ruled Guilty Over Jan 6 Charges Crime Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories

Griffin caught a break.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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