Citizens In Northern Ukraine Confront Russians In Protest Despite Danger


In the cities of Ukraine, particularly in cities like Mariupol and the capital city of Kyiv, the Russian invasion of the country is all too real. Hospitals have been bombed, children killed, homes destroyed, and citizens displaced. In Slavutych, the city just north of Kyiv, the attack began early on Saturday morning.

Protests over the attacks continue across both Ukraine and Russia, with citizens of both countries decrying the brutality of the larger, more powerful nation against the smaller, fledgling democracy of Ukraine. As countries like Poland see thousands of refugees fleeing across their borders, Slavutych became yet another city too dangerous to survive in.

According to CNN:

‘Russian troops have entered the city of Slavutych, north of Kyiv — a move which has sparked protests among hundreds of Ukrainian civilians. Early Saturday, Oleksandr Pavliuk, head of the Kyiv regional administration, said “the Russian occupiers entered the city of Slavutych and seized the city hospital.”‘

CNN also reported that Yuri Fomichev, the mayor of Kyiv, asked citizens early in the day to bring their protest to the city square in order to make their opposition known. Ukrainians flooded into the area with Ukrainian flags and symbols, hoping to make some impact.

‘Images and video geolocated by CNN showed a crowd — possibly several hundred people — chanting “Slavutych is Ukraine” and “Glory to Ukraine” in the main square. A large Ukrainian flag was unfurled. The sound of at least three stun grenades, whose origin is unclear, can be heard.’

The situation in the city has changed throughout the day, with the attack escalating and being beaten back by Ukrainian fighters at different points. Following the initial protests, the news from Slavutych was updated and Mayor Yuri Fomichiv was reported to have been abducted by Russian invaders.

‘Pavliuk also said that “according to the latest information, the mayor Yuri Fomichiv was abducted by invaders.” Late on Friday, the mayor had issued a statement on Facebook saying that: “Our defenders defended bravely and selflessly! But we do not have equal strength! Unfortunately, we have our dead.”‘