Trump Supporters Become Divided Over Putin’s Ukraine Attack


Donald Trump has been doing his best to divide the Democratic Party but has unintentionally divided the Republicans in the process. There are two distinct sides now. One likes Russia, but the other does not.

The latest gathering of MAGA fanatics in Georgia included heated debate over the Ukraine war. At the rally, Trump tried to play both sides of the fence, calling the invasion “Putin’s heinous attack:”

‘Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Joe Biden totally failed to deter Russia’s disgraceful invasion of Ukraine. All of those people are dead. Putin’s heinous attack on a proud and sovereign nation shocks the conscience of every person of goodwill.’

A woman who attended the rally and voted for Trump, Alina Roberts noted:

‘I love America, love our troops, but I think we need to send them there. If we don’t really fight him — as an individual, if you know what I mean — it’s never going to end until he gets what he wants in its entirety.’

When asked whether she felt that America should remove the Russian president, she replied:

‘That’s exactly what I’m implying.’

A former Trump supporter said:

‘I’m glad he’s not president now.’


Another rally goer had a different opinion. Car repair shop manager Gailey said he was worried that “possibly” the U.S. could get drawn into war:

‘Putin as a person, honestly, I think he is a strong president, much like Trump. We can’t be sending billions of dollars when we need it here.’


Gailey feared that we would get wrapped up in a third World War III. He said it was “not our fight:”

‘We should sit back and let them see what they can do on their own…I’m not against helping them, but, at the same time, that’s not our fight.’

Distribution center employee Andrew Johnson who also was in attendance believed that America should help the country under attack and assist in its NATO membership:

‘We kind of forced the hand of Russia to do it, so, I mean, we have no choice but to protect them now.’


The midterm elections in the fall will give us more insight into how well Trump’s split party is doing.

The featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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