Schiff Hits ‘Selfish & Unpatriotic’ Trump After Request From Putin


Donald Trump is like a cocklebur: persistent, irritating, and small. Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) just released a tweet listing his own descriptors: “consistent, consistently selfish — and unpatriotic.”

The ex-president has been calling on his good friend, the “Butcher” of Russia, to do him a little favor. This while Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was in the middle of the biggest war on the European continent in decades. Maybe we should add “thoughtless” to Trump’s list.

Trump called Putin “savvy”  and “This is genius,” when he first heard the news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Now, our un-president has just asked Putin to dig up some dirt on President Joe Biden’s only surviving son Hunter, NPR reported. In his spare time, we assume.

Schiff also discussed the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, when he spoke to the local California Fox 5 station. He cautioned the public against listening to any “autocrats (who would) be likewise emboldened:”

‘Tragically, I think this is going to be prolonged… which is why the world has to unite against this because other nations are watching. If Putin gets away with it, other autocrats will be likewise emboldened.’

Representative Schiff said that even though the former president was impeached for asking for Russia’s help in his election, he is still at it. The California representative pointed to Trump’s ever-selfish behavior. He tweeted:

‘I’ll give Trump credit for consistency. Even now, he’s asking Putin for political help. Despite being impeached for seeking foreign help in an election. Despite the fact that Putin is killing Ukrainian civilians. Trump is consistent. Consistently selfish — and unpatriotic.’

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Never mind that Putin has been attacking hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian civilians, bombing Ukrainian cities, centers of culture, totally out of existence. Donald Trump wants a favor.

The ex-president made the request when he appeared on the alt-right Just The News TV show, according to The USA Today:

‘I would think Putin would know the answer to that…I think he should release it. I think we should know that answer.’

Pundits have tended to believe that Trump will run in 2024 against President Biden. But there are also hints that he wants to replace our sitting president well before then.

Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) was disgusted with Putin’s attack on Ukraine. He branded the Russian president “a war criminal and a butcher:”

‘I am damn proud of our current President. And nauseated by the former President.’

Thus far, no evidence has come to light that President Biden’s middle child had any illegal interactions with Russia. And President Biden has been free from any links to his son’s financial efforts.

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Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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