‘The Lincoln Project’ Exposes Trump For Being A Traitor To America


This week during the Ukrainian-Russian war, Donald Trump asked his good buddy President Vladimir Putin for a favor. The ex-POTUS wanted to know if Putin could send him some dirt on President Joe Biden’s son. The Lincoln Project compared Trump’s anti-American actions to our president who called Putin a “butcher.”

Check out The Lincoln Project’s newest video:

‘Meanwhile on Russian state TV. From Russia With Love, To “Our Partner Trump”‘

The Russian state TV and propaganda machine urged Russians to help alter “the regime in the U.S.:”

‘Meanwhile on Russian state TV: Host Evgeny Popov says it’s time for the Russian people to call on Americans to change “the regime in the U.S.” before its term expires “and to again help our partner Trump to become President.”‘


Maybe the reason Trump likes Putin is that the two men have so much in common. It is possible that neither one of them has a conscience. They seem to like to start battles. and apparently,  they do not mind killing people. The list goes on.

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