Romney Denounces Trump’s Betrayal Of America For Putin


Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) joined those criticizing former President Donald Trump this week after the ex-commander-in-chief explicitly sought political help against the Bidens from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Specifically, Trump pushed during an interview for Putin to release purportedly damaging information on the Biden family — so apparently, Trump is basically fine with rhetorically cozying up to a murderous authoritarian if it means he can potentially score a few domestic political points. Romney commented as follows:

‘I don’t think Vladimir Putin ought to be one of the people we go to for favors right now. He’s one of the worst people on the planet, and America shouldn’t be asking for favors.’

Romney, it’s worth noting, was the only Republican Senator to vote in favor of convicting Trump on an impeachment charge of abuse of power after the then-president and his allies were caught withholding aid from Ukraine while pushing the country’s leaders to launch investigations that would be favorable to the Trump team. Volodymyr Zelenskyy was the Ukrainian president who Trump and his compatriots targeted in that scheme — and Zelenskyy remains at the helm of his country, leading the charge against the invasion that Putin’s forces recently launched.

In the U.S., others who have condemned Trump’s entreaty for Putin’s help with domestic political matters include Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) and ret. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. Kinzinger recently remarked, “No former President should ever ask an evil man like Putin for a favor… like Trump did just yesterday. This is absolutely undermining the national security of this country and should be disqualifying for any re-election.” And separately, Vindman pointedly added regarding Trump: “Tell me this traitor’s security clearance has been revoked. He openly conspires with the enemy, when the U.S. is attempting to steer clear of a war with Russia.”

What Trump specifically was after were details about a supposed business transaction involving the Bidens and the wife of a former mayor of Moscow. As Trump put it: “As long as Putin now is not exactly a fan of our country, let him explain… why did the mayor of Moscow’s wife give the Bidens — both of ’em — three and a half million dollars?.. So now, I would think Putin would know the answer to that. I think he should release it.” What Trump claims about a financial transfer to the Bidens from the mayor of Moscow’s wife grossly misrepresents the facts — and previous versions of the claims from Trump didn’t directly implicate Joe, so he’s changing his own story. (Read more here.)

As reported on this site, that’s not the first time Trump recently expressed a position that — no matter his intentions — propped up the Putin regime. At a recent Georgia rally, Trump claimed that when he served as president he told a fellow world leader involved in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that the United States would not honor its treaty obligations associated with the alliance to protect a member country attacked by Russia if that country wasn’t paying its “bills.” No matter Trump’s claims, the “U.S. has not been stiffed for unpaid bills by NATO allies,” NPR noted back in 2018 when Trump was in office and ranting against the alliance. “NATO is not like a club with annual membership fees,” former Obama administration National Security Council staffer Aaron O’Connell said at the time. Certain member countries hadn’t reached a previously agreed to level of spending on their defense — but certain countries apparently still aren’t there. And yet, Trump angrily ranted amid a war in Ukraine driven by Russia that the U.S. under his command wouldn’t protect its allies under certain circumstances — something Russia would no doubt love to hear.