Russian Soldiers Lash Out Against Their ‘Stupid Moron’ Leaders


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military troops are more than ready to go AWOL. The generals lied to them, not admitting they were starting a war. Some of the military meals expired in 2002. The tank convoy ran out of gas. And they did not have the appropriate clothing for a long stay.. And still, Putin’s human mulching machine just called up 134,500 more Russians with draft cards.

Putin’s decree assured the conscripts they would not have to go into “any hot spots.” However, Putin lies.

So who is going to tell the great dictator that his attack on Ukraine is not working? Does Putin watch world news? If so he clearly will be humiliated. Ukraine’s military communications, including Russians’ phone calls have been breached. The Ukrainian Security Services collected one call where a Russian soldier was bemoaning his condition, according to the Ukrainian Facebook page at

The soldier tells his wife that the military leaders are complete bunglers, according to The Daily Beast:

‘Our brigade has totally shit themselves. There are losses, many wounded. The whole army with us is stupid morons. It’s unclear why we are even here.’

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said, according to YouTube, that the administration believes Russia’s president may be misinformed about his war on Ukraine:

‘[We believe he] may not be getting the full story.’

Then, there was this intercepted call released by the Ukrainian’s Interior Minister, Anton Gerashchenko on YouTube. The Russian soldier had called his mother. He wanted to know what the press was saying about the war he was fighting. She asked him about his superior officer:

‘No, he dumped us yesterday. We’re all dead in the water if he left. They’re saying they will change anything. Everything’s bad, almost no one among us is left. ‘

The soldier continued:

  ‘They said we will keep going until the very end, until everyone is killed.’

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine just released a statement:

‘To implement a scenario for the creation of another pseudo-republic in the territory of the Kherson region, there is work underway by employees of the FSB, 652 groups of information and psychological operations and officers of the 12th Main Directorate of the [Russian] General Staff.’

Apparently, Moscow has started a new program of sending FSB (KGB) psychologists into a city that its army has taken to “reeducate” the population. But the people still resist. What Putin may not realize is that the Ukrainians have tasted democracy and the freedom it brings. They will not likely give it up.

Putin has been running out of cannon fodder. The Ukrainians report that between 7,000 and 15,000 enemy soldiers died in this one month of war, at least double the number of Americans lost during two decades in Afghanistan. Many just walk away.

Ironically, at another intersection where “Putin” and “moron” meet, there is another individual. Last month The Vanity Fair Magazine interviewed former National Security Adviser to Donald Trump, John Bolton, who said “Trump is a Putin-loving moron:”

‘Trump Is a Putin-Loving Moron Who Thought Finland Was Part of Russia’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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