Biden’s Secretary Of State Chews Out Putin During ‘CNN Sunday’


Secretary of State Antony Blinken made his rounds on the Sunday-morning talk shows. He pointed out that this is the fifth week of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against the Ukrainians, and the dictator is losing. 

CNN’s State of the Union’s co-host Dana Bash asked a question about more sanctions on Russia, The Department of State’s transcript of the show pointed out. Blinken responded that Putin has already seen “strategic defeat.”

Secretary Blinken continued pointing to Russia’s three failed goals:

‘One was to subjugate Ukraine to Russia’s will, to take away its sovereignty and independence. The second was to assert Russian power. The third was to divide the West and NATO. On all three fronts, it’s already lost. Ukraine, its sovereignty and independence is gonna be there a lot longer than Vladimir Putin is gonna be on the scene, the Russian military has dramatically underperformed, its economy is reeling, and the West [and]  NATO are more united than any time I can remember.’

Still, the Russian president’s military committed crimes against humanity for thousands and thousands of his Ukrainians civilians:

‘If you step back and look at this, this has already been a dramatic strategic setback for Russia, and I would say a strategic defeat. They had three aims going into this.’

People in the military and the media were stunned when the Russians pulled up stakes after trying to encircle Kyiv, the nation’s capitol. The Russians have been fighting the Ukrainians along the nation’s East and South to annex those portions back under the control of the authoritarian government. Clearly as the Ukrainians fight on including young women and men to great-grandmothers, they have been able to make Russia look bad on the world stage. And more than anything, Putin hates to be embarrassed.

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Blinken has also spoken for President Joe Biden on his Sunday rounds in the media about the Russian’s defeat and civilian-targeted killings. He attributing the war crimes to Putin, The Guardian reported:

“You can’t help but see these images as a punch to the gut. Since the aggression, we’ve come out and said that we believe that Russian forces have committed war crimes.’


Blinken has also been working to document Putin’s war crimes. The hard part has been that NATO’s decisions have been filled with bureaucracy and red tape. All of that has taken the time that Ukraine does not have:

‘and we’ve been working to document that, to provide the information we have to the relevant instructions and organizations that will put all of this together. And there needs to be accountability for it.’

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