Evidence Of Trump Calls On Jan 6 Revealed During ‘CBS Sunday’


During an appearance on CBS’s Face The Nation this weekend, House riot committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) confirmed that panel investigators had information on phone conversations involving then-President Trump that took place during a gap of more than seven hours in official White House records of the then-president’s phone calls on January 6 of last year. Although Trump is known to have made calls during that time, official records of these and other potential conversations amid the hours-long period simply aren’t there, complicating the attempt by members of the riot panel to understand exactly what happened. Reporting recently emerged that a call Trump made to Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) during the hours-long period in question came from an official White House phone, so it should have been included in the government records that the riot committee received — so why wasn’t it there?

Raskin, meanwhile, commented as follows:

‘It’s a very unusual thing for us to find that suddenly everything goes dark for a seven-hour period in terms of tracking the movements and the conversations of the president. And some things we’ve been able to piece together from other people’s interviews and depositions that we know took place during that time. We are aware of other phone calls that took place during that time that included the president, but we have no comprehensive, fine-grained portrait of what was going on during that period, and that’s obviously of intense interest to us.’

Asked about the possibility that “large-scale incompetence rather than conspiracy” was responsible for the gap in the official records of Trump’s calls, Raskin commented that investigators are “taking that possibility into account. It does seem like the gaps are suspiciously tailored to the heart of the events… Our mandate… is to get a complete picture of everything that took place on January 6, the causes leading up to it, and then, what we need to do as a country to fortify democratic institutions and processes against future insurrections and coups and attempts to destabilize and overthrow our elections.” Watch Raskin below:

Notably, the Justice Department’s investigation of the circumstances of January 6 was also the subject of recent attention-grabbing reporting: apparently, the federal probe has expanded to include the rally that took place in D.C. immediately before the attack on the Capitol. According to The Washington Post, across the previous couple of months, “a federal grand jury in Washington has issued subpoena requests to some officials in former president Donald Trump’s orbit who assisted in planning, funding and executing the Jan. 6 rally.” Unfortunately for those hoping for more information, the individuals “familiar with the subpoena demands declined to identify the individuals who had received them or provide additional details,” the Post explained — so further details on the recent subpoenas weren’t immediately available.