Biden Berates ‘Fox News’ For Being A Danger To America


According to a forthcoming book, President Joe Biden is seriously concerned about Fox News head Rupert Murdoch, who the commander-in-chief reportedly described as “the most dangerous man in the world.” Murdoch is the chairman of the Fox Corporation, and the same forthcoming book summarizes that Biden “assessed” Fox News “as one of the most destructive forces in the United States.” The book with these details is called This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future, and it comes out in May. The book was put together by journalists Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns. Although as president, Biden has sometimes been standoffish with Fox White House correspondent Peter Doocy, CNN notes that Biden has apparently never publicly spoken about Rupert Murdoch or his son, Lachlan Murdoch, who serves as CEO at Fox.

Predictably, a White House spokesperson declined to comment on the alleged comments featured in the book, according to CNN. Separately, Fox host Tucker Carlson has faced intense criticism amid the unfolding war in Ukraine for providing what amounts to support for Vladimir Putin’s regime’s arguments. Previously — before the war began, Carlson characterized Democrats as a greater threat to Americans than Putin, and he cast support behind Russian government concerns about Ukraine’s relationship with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization — concerns that have been among the excuses for the brutal atrocities inflicted by Russian forces in Ukraine. More recently, Carlson sought to absolve Putin of at least some responsibility for attacking Ukraine, claiming that certain Western interests had been “inciting” the conflict — which is ridiculous. Nobody forced Putin to attack Ukraine. And now, thousands upon thousands of Ukrainian civilians have been brutally killed, and Russian-caused destruction across Ukraine is simply staggeringly immense.

“Many Biden allies have… blamed Rupert Murdoch and his son Lachlan, the company’s CEO, for enabling hosts like Tucker Carlson,” CNN notes. Carlson’s de facto support for Putin’s regime isn’t conjecture — clips from his show have repeatedly been used in Russian government programming, and an early March document from the Putin regime to media outlets aligned with the Russian leader said it was “essential” to use Carlson “as much as possible.” The Russian government document touted how Carlson “sharply criticizes the actions of the United States [and] NATO, their negative role in unleashing the conflict in Ukraine, [and] the defiantly provocative behavior from the leadership of the Western countries and NATO towards the Russian Federation and towards President Putin, personally.” Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said at one point that Carlson’s show should be taken off-the-air because he’s propped up Putin.