Jan 6 Rioter/Navy Vet Caught & Sentenced To Prison After Bragging Online


The number of attackers charged with participating in the January 6 failed coup has swollen to over 800 thus far. One of them, Navy Veteran Jason Riddle, was charged with participating in the attack on our nation’s Capitol. But not before he bragged about his actions on that terrible day.

Even though the New Hampshire man was accused of two misdemeanors, his attitude made non-Trump people cringe. He was reveling in the attack. Riddle had to pay a fine of $750 for a book he stole and damages that occurred when the mob stormed the building. He will also have to serve 90 days in jail and three years on probation, according to his criminal complaint.

Judge Dabney Friedrich commented on Riddle’s celebratory mood in the photo showing him drinking wine he had stolen from an office liquor cabinet. The Navy veteran said he “chugged it, and got out of there,” according to The Business Insider . He was drinking it as people around him were being beaten senseless. Others were dying:

‘He was witnessing violence in front of him while he was chugging wine and celebrating, It is hard to fathom, given Mr. Riddle’s foreign military service and time in the Navy reserves” that he would “celebrate this attack.”’

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Riddle spoke to NBC about his arrest saying that he did not regret anything he did on January 6. He said during the hearing:

‘I show up. I’m going to actually keep my promises and make some changes. I’m not sure what Mr. Riddle meant by that, but rest assured these actions are not fitted to any American, let alone any person elected to office.’

When the Navy veteran was given an opportunity to speak in court, he was adamantly opposed to those who referred to the mob as “domestic terrorists.” He blamed the legislators, the media, and singled out CBS’s Late Night with Stephen Colbert who said, according to an offended Riddle:

‘[He] called me an enemy of the state to a booing crowd.’

Last summer, Biddle told NBC10 Boston he was thinking about running for Congress. He wanted to unseat Ann Kuster (D-NH).

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The reporter corrected Riddle, noting that Kuster was not a state representative but a U.S. legislator. He replied:

‘Well, I guess I’ve got to run against that then.’

The book Riddle stole was Senate Procedure, bound in red leather. In addition, he took a miniature Fox News football marketing item. The football must not have impressed the veteran much, because he tossed it after he left the building. Later, he sold the book for $40.

Riddle was not alone in lifting items to commemorate the failed attack. We are familiar with the photo of Richard Barnett, 60, sitting at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) formal office desk with his feet upon it. He stole some of her mail, a federal crime. 

Then there was Adam Johnson. His photo lifting the lectern appeared on social media. A judge gave him 75 days in jail, which he served beginning last February, according to CNN. Johnson’s attorney plea-bargained his charges down from theft, but he still faced other charges. Robert Petrosh stole two mikes off of the lectern as souvenirs. His sentence was just 10 days in jail, which he has already served.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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