Trump’s Twitter Clone Suffers Big Money And Technical Problems


He was the king of tweets during his presidency. But after Donald Trump’s January 6 failed coup, Facebook and Twitter let him go. They essentially cut out his tongue.

In response, Trump decided to build a better Twitter. He hired one of his top legislative hacks, former Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) who had no substantial experience in computer systems research, design, and development, and called his new application Truth Social. Ironic. Even its webpage looks hokey.

Thus far, his top executives with the exception of Nunes have hit the road in fewer than two years. That is not good. Investors are fleeing just as rapidly, and Trump’s Twitter clone, Truth Social, cannot even see over the App Store charts counter. Even Trump appears bored with it, according to The Washington Post. In actuality, Truth was more like Gettr than Twitter.

Had Nunes any computer experience, he would have known that he was stepping into the role of sacrificial lamb, regardless of whatever title Trump bestowed upon him. So, the former representative made a big and unreachable promise, the new Truth app would be up and ready to go by March’s end. Oops. 

And there are always technical issues. Nunes decided to solve the problems by replacing the departed executives with his own “chiefs of technology, product development, and legal affairs.” And of course, Trump has his finger in everything, so the former representative has been wasting his time ping-ponging back and forth across the country to update his boss.

Truth’s unveiling was not good, and first impressions are everything. Trump’s Truth is intended to be the anchor for Trump Media & Technology Group. The “media powerhouse” dipped into both “entertainment and news.” That webpage was far more professionally done, but the products it promotes are still shakey.

On day one, February 21, Truth was accessed about 200,000 times. But only 10,000 people installed it per day in March, a substantial drop in its 1.2 million total installs. Trump had anticipated raising money from his initial viewers, which was a bad economic decision, because few businesses become immediately successful. 

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Billionaire Peter Thiel has long invested in Meta, formerly known just by Facebook. Now that he has decided to step away from that, the investor took a look at what Trump had to offer. Thiel also backs a “video site popular with conservatives,” Rumble.

Should the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) okay a merger with Digital World Acquisition, that would boost Trump’s business with a commitment of $1 billion from investors. However, the SEC approval is not a done deal. It could go sour. The Washington Post reported:

‘[T]he SEC voted last week to make all SPAC offerings legally liable for the financial projections they make to investors. That change in policy could open companies that offer wildly optimistic projections to potentially costly investor lawsuits.’

Screen-Shot-2022-04-05-at-3.39.49-PM Trump's Twitter Clone Suffers Big Money And Technical Problems Donald Trump Featured Politics Social Media Top Stories

Keep in mind, most of Trump’s business ventures have sucked money and eventually failed. Even in a business where the house always wins, a casino, the ex-president managed to fail. The Vanity Fair Magazine just wrote:

‘While the former president has a long list of business failures under his belt—lookin’ at you, Trump Steaks, Trump Shuttle, Trump Mortgage, and Trump Taj Mahal—most of them crashed and burned before the rise of social media, and prior to him playing the part of a successful businessman on TV, where he was able to convince millions of people he actually knew what he was doing.’

There is nothing quite as glaring as a social media failure in the social media.

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