Emails Trump Lawyer Tried To Conceal Obtained By Jan. 6 Committee


Donald Trump has put himself through a lot of trouble to hide certain things, such as his tax returns, his White House records, communications, and the people around him subpoenaed to testify for his multiple misdeeds. There’s a reason he’s been so determined to keep them hidden: he knows they would reveal the extent of his corruption.

Some of what he and one of his lawyers, John Eastman, sought to keep secret is now in the hands of the Jan. 6 Select Committee. Emails that a judge ruled potentially included planning for a crime planned by Eastman and Trump have now been turned over to the committee.

CNN reports that:

‘One email, a draft memo for Rudy Giuliani, was obtained by the committee because the judge decided it was potentially being used to plan a crime. The memo recommended that then-Vice President Mike Pence reject some states’ electors during the January 6 congressional meeting.’

The emails show that Eastman discussed with other figures around then-President Trump steps to overturn the 2020 elections, or at least to delay the certification of the vote in favor of Joe Biden, for as long as possible. The judge had previously stated that the emails show an attempt to subvert democracy planned with Trump’s full knowledge and cooperation.

‘In another email thread, Dr. Eastman’s colleagues discuss whether to publish a piece supporting his plan, and they touch on state lawsuits only to criticize how they are being handled by the Trump campaign. In a different email thread, Dr. Eastman and a colleague consider how to use a state court ruling to justify Vice President Pence enacting the plan. In another email, a colleague focuses on the ‘plan of action’ after the January 6 attacks.’

While the congressional investigative committee was formed to examine the underlying causes and factors of the attempt to overthrow the U.S. government by Donald Trump’s most rabid supporters, the potential that Trump may have committed crimes that would need to be referred to Attorney General Merrick Garland has existed since the beginning.

‘The select committee’s efforts to obtain Eastman’s emails had been closely watched in the legal community because of the panel’s bold move to accuse Eastman and Trump of criminal conspiracy. The House said it believed Trump had been trying to obstruct Congress and to defraud the government by blocking his loss of the election and discussing it with Eastman.’