Steve Bannon Aide Agrees To Cooperate With Jan 6 Committee


The Rolling Stone just released an exclusive interview with Steve Bannon’s aide and spokesperson, Alexandra Preate. As a Bannon associate, she was privy to his interactions with Donald Trump as his chief strategist, and she will play well in the upcoming Select Committee’s televised hearings.

People talk about Preate as Bannon’s “shadow press secretary” or  “consigliere.” He went down with two charges of contempt of Congress, because he remained true to Trump and refused to testify before the Select Committee. She had no such aspirations.

Preate was there for Donald Trump’s rally in front of the White House where he urged his followers to take the U.S. Capitol Building. He said that he would lead them, however his Secret Service detail would not let him go for security purposes. 

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The Department of Justice has charged over 800 individuals who stormed the Capitol Building and the alt-right members who were there on that tragic day. Attorney General Merrick Garland has remained rather mum about any potential January 6 investigation, which is traditional:

‘The only pressure I feel, and the only pressure that our line prosecutors feel, is to do the right thing. That means we follow the facts and the law, wherever they may lead.’

Conversely, the Select Committee has been investigating those who were behind the scenes, those who financed, strategized, and implemented the failed coup.

And Preate has been key to that part of the investigation.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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