District Attorney Notifies Public Of Trump Criminal Investigation


When two top prosecutors resigned in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), we figured that their high-level case had been dumped into the garbage bin. Attorneys Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz had been in charge of the criminal investigation, The New York Times reported. And as a result, Donald Trump would skate away yet one more time. 

But perhaps, we were wrong. 

Former Manhattan District Attorney in the prestigious SDNY, Cy Vance retired in December and handed the reins to his seat and this high-profile case over to Alvin Bragg. And although Bragg appeared somewhat defensive in his statement, he claimed that the case was still open, according to The New York Times:

‘I oversaw the successful litigation against the former president, his family, and the Trump Foundation…

‘[This case is] open, it’s active, we have a great team in place of dedicated career prosecutors working every day. We’re exploring evidence that’s not been previously explored. We will leave no stone unturned.’

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance hired Mark Pomerantz for his knowledge about “white collar and complex financial cases.” Pomerantz also interviewed witnesses.   Carey Dunne went after Trump’s “tax returns and tax-related documents” all the way to the top, the Supreme Court.

Former Assistant District Attorney and Chief of the Investigation Division Susan Hoffinger has taken the lead on this case, according to Bragg’s statement on the Manhattan DA site:

Referring to the two attorneys who left, spokesperson Danielle Filson said, according to The Bloomberg News:

‘We are grateful for their service [and] the investigation is ongoing.’

But how can they say that given the resignations and no movements similar to what we saw earlier, such as subpoenas that routed a witness to the grand jury? 

Both Trump’s company, The Trump Organization, and its COO Andrew Weisselbereg have been charged: 

‘[In] a sweeping, 15-year “orchestrated” scheme to compensate top executives of the former president’s company “off the books” and help them avoid paying taxes.’

At the time Dunne said in court:

‘Contrary to today’s assertion by the company’s former CEO [Trump], this is not a ‘standard practice in the business community’ nor was it the act of a rogue or isolated employee.’

He added:

‘Instead, it was orchestrated by the most senior executives, who were financially benefiting themselves and the company by getting secret pay raises at the expense of state and federal taxpayers.’

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Bragg released his first statement after the two high-profile attorneys abandoned the project. Pomerantz wrote in his resignation:

‘[Trump] is guilty of numerous felony violations [but Bragg] reached the decision not to go forward [with the criminal case.]’

At the same time, New York Attorney General Tish James is holding a tandem investigation, except hers is not criminal. Rather it is a civil case. She has been investigating Donald Trump’s real estate valuations. He pumped the value of various pieces of real estate way up for loan applications and way down for tax purposes.

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Bragg pointed out it is a felony in New York for a prosecutor to discuss a grand jury. This grand jury ends in April, so time is running out. He said:

‘While the law constrains me from commenting further at this time, I pledge that the Office will publicly state the conclusion of our investigation – whether we conclude our work without bringing charges, or move forward with an indictment. ‘

And, of course, Trump claimed he was innocent of all wrongdoing.

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