Marjorie Greene Gets Rolled Over By Jamie Raskin


During recent debate in the House over the push to hold Trump allies including Dan Scavino, Jr. and Peter Navarro in contempt of Congress for their refusals to cooperate with subpoenas from the House committee investigating the Capitol riot, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) — seemingly more interested in theatrics than doing the work associated with her position — heckled Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.). Raskin is a member of the riot panel, and Greene derisively shouted out remarks including “what about the Russia collusion,” per reporter Hugo Lowell. Raskin dismantled Greene’s antics in response, laying out how she has chosen “to stand with” Russia’s Vladimir Putin. As the Congressman put it:

‘[Greene], I think, said something about the Russian hoax or Russian collusion. I accept the heckling, Mr. Speaker. That’s alright, because if she wants to continue to stand with Vladimir Putin and his brutal, bloody invasion against the people of Ukraine, she is free to do so, and we understand there is a strong Trump/Putin axis in the gentlelady’s party. If she wants to continue to stand with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, that is her prerogative, but please do it on your own time forthwith.’

Check out Raskin’s comments below:

Greene is, in fact, among the prominent Republicans who’ve taken an ignorant and sometimes at least somewhat conciliatory approach towards Russian leader Vladimir Putin, even as the Russian regime’s forces continue to inflict atrocities on the people of Ukraine, like the recent strike on a Kramatorsk train station where thousands of civilians were gathered. (At least 50 died, and many more — around a hundred — were injured according to early reports, although these numbers could rise.) In a tweet posted just this Thursday — after images of mass civilian executions by Russian forces around the Ukrainian capital widely circulated, Greene shared a years-old quote from Henry Kissinger, who remarked that the “demonization of Vladimir Putin is not a policy; it is an alibi for the absence of one.” Now is when Greene wants to take a stand against the “demonization” of Vladimir Putin? Seriously? After the sobering reports of what the Biden administration believes to be war crimes? What is wrong with her?

Greene also recently voted against a bill that overwhelmingly passed the House and has been described as set to “require the Biden administration to outline the process for the U.S. government to collect and preserve evidence of war crimes committed during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that began in late February.” The same description, drawn from The Hill, said the bill would require the Biden administration to “submit a report to Congress about the process for a domestic, foreign or international court or tribunal should one request information from the U.S. about war crimes.” Why would Greene oppose a measure dealing with the preservation of evidence of war crimes and requiring information about that process to be submitted to Congress? She claimed on Twitter that the measure “would hand over authority & our intelligence to the ICJ & ICC – international courts that could put our military on trial,” adding: “I will not vote for globalism & the slow slide to become a one world government. I will only vote to protect America, our military, & our borders.” That’s just bonkers — there is no “slow slide” towards a one world government that’s currently unfolding. She lives in a fairy tale reality.