Jan 6 Organizer Begins Cooperating With Feds To Horror Of Accomplices


Ali Alexander, a right-wing activist who helped lead efforts after the 2020 presidential election to promote ludicrous claims that the race had somehow been rigged for Joe Biden, was issued a grand jury subpoena by the Justice Department and indicated that he plans to cooperate with investigators, according to new information. Reporting previously emerged indicating that the Justice Department’s wide-ranging investigation into the attack on the Capitol and the circumstances surrounding it had expanded to include the outdoor rally in D.C. where Trump himself spoke ahead of the Capitol violence, but information revealing the actual targets of grand jury subpoenas that were revealed at that time was not immediately publicly available. Now, one name is known: Ali Alexander, the pro-Trump agitator.

Alexander originally planned to put on an event near the Capitol building on January 6 of last year, although his planned gathering never took shape due to the mob violence that overtook the premises. Details on the subpoena he received from federal prosecutors came from Alexander himself, who claims that the demand for cooperation indicated that he wasn’t a target of the investigation. Instead, he alleged as laid out in that previous reporting that authorities at the Justice Department were interested in the large rally where Trump spoke, whose organizers included a pro-Trump group known as Women for America First. Alexander said he doesn’t believe that he possesses “information that will be useful” to prosecutors, adding that he’d be cooperating while keeping himself distanced from the bulk of what went on that day. Alexander, who’s already testified to the House committee investigating the Capitol riot, even says he tried to get people away from the Capitol amid the violence. He added:

‘I did not finance the Ellipse equipment. I did not ever talk with the White House about security groups. Any militia working security at the Ellipse [where Trump spoke] belonged to “Women for America First,” not us. I did not coordinate any movements with the Proud Boys or even see them that day. I did take Oath Keepers offer to act as ushers for the [Capitol-adjacent] event but all of that was lost in the chaos. I wasn’t in communication with any of the aforementioned groups while I was near the Capitol working to get people away from the building. Lastly, I’m not willing to presume anyone’s guilt… I did nothing wrong and I am not in possession of evidence that anyone else had plans to commit unlawful acts. I denounce anyone who planned to subvert my permitted event and the other permitted events of that day on Capitol grounds to stage any counterproductive activities.’

In other related news, Charles Donohoe, a member of the far-right group called the Proud Boys who was charged with criminal conspiracy in connection to the riot, recently pleaded guilty to the offense and agreed to cooperate with the feds. A court filing prepared by prosecutors and apparently signed by Donohoe states that, as early as January 4, “Donohoe was aware that members of [Proud Boys’ so-called Ministry of Self-Defense] leadership were discussing the possibility of storming the Capitol. Donohoe believed that storming the Capitol would achieve the group’s goal of stopping the government from carrying out the transfer of presidential power. Donohoe understood that storming the Capitol would be illegal.”