Latest Fundraising Totals Have Democrats Seeing A Big Blue Wave


Democrats are bringing in substantial sums of donations ahead of the midterms. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which is an arm of the Democratic Party that deals with races for U.S. House seats, apparently raised $52.4 million in the first quarter of this year. That total reportedly includes $21.3 million just in March, and these first quarter and March figures are records — and the first quarter number is significantly above the fundraising total for the same period from the equivalent Republican organization. As explained in POLITICO, “[Democrats’] numbers set new record hauls for both the first quarter and March during an on-year. It’s also $11 million more than the $40.9 million that House Republicans’ campaign arm raised during Q1. The DCCC also says it has $113.2 million cash on hand.” (“On-year” here refers to a year with nationwide elections.)

Control of both houses of Congress will be at stake in the midterms, so there’s a lot riding on the ability of Democratic campaigns to follow through. The exact impact of redistricting remains to be seen; new Congressional district maps in key states including New York and Florida, where adjustments could mean new seats safely in either side’s column, remain in limbo with elections months away. In the meantime, it’s clear that Democrats can’t take victory for granted — a recent ABC News/ Ipsos survey found that 55 percent of Republican respondents claimed to be “very enthusiastic” about voting in the midterms, but only 35 percent of Democrats claimed the “very enthusiastic” descriptor for themselves. Democratic control of Congress has been critical in seeing through developments like the confirmation of key Biden nominees including U.S. Supreme Court pick Ketanji Brown Jackson. Senate-confirmed nominees elsewhere in the federal government have been able to wield the metaphorical reins of policy to bring what’s happening more in line with Democrats’ agenda.

Of course, former President Donald Trump’s incessant lies to his followers about the supposed lack of integrity in the U.S. electoral system could drive down turnout among those inclined to believe what he says. The Cook Political Report — an elections forecaster — currently rates two GOP-held and three Democratic-held U.S. Senate seats that will be on the ballot in the midterms as toss-ups. The same source currently characterizes three Republican-held seats that will be up for grabs as merely “leaning” towards the GOP — the last category before toss-up — while it groups just one Democratic-held seat similarly. What are voters even supposed to look to from Republican candidates in terms of policy? In the last couple of years, prominent Republicans have helped incite an attack on the Capitol, blocked voting rights protections, refused to back so-called human infrastructure spending that would lift people out of poverty, and been engaged in utterly nonsensical so-called culture war battles over topics like Dr. Seuss books. That’s not a party featuring broadly constructive ideas for Americans.