Property Smashing Jan 6 Rioter Caught In Florida After 15 Months


Another member of the Trump-inspired mob that descended on the Capitol last year has been arrested — over 15 months after the violence originally unfolded. In other words, it seems clear that Justice Department prosecutors remain intent on holding those responsible for the violence accountable. The newly arrested individual in question is 39-year-old Florida resident Steven Miles, whose charges include serious offenses like assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers and engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds with a dangerous weapon, among other allegations. While at the Capitol, the Justice Department says Miles “shoved and attempted to punch police officers.” Later, Miles was also among those smashing a window on one of the Capitol’s Senate Wing doors, using a plank of wood for his efforts.

Miles subsequently went into the Capitol through the Senate Wing window that he apparently helped break, according to the Justice Department. After making an initial appearance in court, Miles has been released from custody. Miles is now among the apparently nearly 800 people who have been criminally charged by federal authorities for participating in the Capitol violence in some form; many of these — over 250, according to the Justice Department — have been specifically alleged to have assaulted or impeded police officers, many of whom were injured by the crowd that day.

Numerous rioters — including a member of the Oath Keepers who was charged with seditious conspiracy — have pleaded guilty rather than going to trial, but the three jury trials that have taken place so far in connection to the riot have all ended with convictions on all counts. Many of the crimes committed around the Capitol that day were captured on camera, and — perhaps in light of this fact — Ohio resident Dustin Thompson argued during his recently concluded riot trial that his actions should be credited to Trump’s influence. The jury convicted him anyway, and federal Judge Reggie Walton ordered him detained prior to his sentencing in July. After the jury’s verdict, Walton tore into Thompson for going along with Trump’s nonsense, commenting (per reporter Kyle Cheney) that “if somebody is weak-minded enough to buy in on what was being said and then come all the way from Ohio… and even doing it gleefully, I just have my real concerns about him.” Others who’ve been convicted at jury trials over riot charges include ex-Virginia cop Thomas Robertson and Texas resident Guy Reffitt, the latter of whom threatened his children in the aftermath of the riot in an attempt to keep them quiet about his involvement and was charged — and convicted — for that offense as well.

As previously reported on this site, Robertson also took drastic action after the riot in an attempt to help himself and a co-defendant escape accountability — according to the Justice Department, he “destroyed” their phones after learning of his charges. Subsequently, one of his charges was tampering with a document or proceedings. That co-defendant — fellow ex-Virginia police officer Jacob Fracker, who, like Robertson, was employed at the time of the Capitol riot but fired afterwards — ended up recently pleading guilty to a criminal conspiracy offense and testified at Robertson’s recently concluded trial. Police officers who participated in the defense of the Capitol also testified at the trial.