Barack & Michelle Share Easter Message Of Love, While Trump Rages


The GOP platform features… what, exactly? Whiny complaints and rhetoric that props up authoritarianism such as that displayed by Russia’s Vladimir Putin? Meanwhile, the Democratic agenda continues to offer hope for Americans, and throughout Biden’s time in power, national developments have trended towards providing positive outcomes across the country. Unemployment has fallen, and the bipartisan infrastructure spending bill that Biden signed into law last year doubles as a jobs bill, with substantial quantities of government spending in the metaphorical pipeline supporting accessible job opportunities nationwide. On Sunday, former President Barack and former First Lady Michelle Obama posted messages of hope on the occasion of Easter. The former president remarked:

‘Wishing all who celebrate today a blessed and joyful Easter. After a difficult couple of years, let’s give thanks for all the gifts we enjoy—and the people who make this life special.’

And the former First Lady added as follows:

‘Every Easter, I am reminded of the power of faith and community. Wishing all those celebrating today a day of joy and renewal.’

Check out their Easter Sunday messages below:

Trump shared familiarly ridiculous Easter remarks. In one, shared by spokesperson Liz Harrington, he said: “Happy Easter to all. May there be great peace and prosperity throughout the World!” But he wasn’t finished. In a follow-up message Harrington also distributed, Trump remarked: “Happy Easter to all including the Radical Left Maniacs who are doing everything possible to destroy our Country. May they not succeed, but let them, nevertheless, be happy, healthy, wealthy, and well!” In other words, Trump has once again tried to make a holiday occasion basically about himself and his grievances. Obviously, “Radical Left Maniacs” — meaning, according to Trump, prominent Democrats in power — aren’t actually scheming to “destroy” the United States. That’s just fear-mongering of the sort that directly leads to the kinds of drastic, criminal actions that were committed amid last year’s attack on the Capitol by supporters of then-President Donald Trump. The loony ex-commander-in-chief also wished a Happy Easter to “failed gubernatorial candidate and racist Attorney General Letitia James,” adding: “May she remain healthy despite the fact that she will continue to drive business out of New York while at the same time keeping crime, death, and destruction in New York!”