Adam Kinzinger Rips Into GOP Colleagues For Betraying Democracy


Somehow, observers can no longer take for granted that top voices within the Republican Party will be staunchly opposed to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, a destructive trend that directly connects to these Republicans’ willingness to essentially abandon democracy in the United States when it suits them. In a new article, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) once again tore into those in his party who’ve followed this path instead of sticking by the responsibilities — like telling the truth — that observers would expect to be associated with their positions. Whether it’s lying about the election or spreading bonkers nonsense about Disney, certain Republicans seem far more interested in gaining attention and building a following than just about anything else. Kinzinger remarked as follows:

‘The Republican Party I joined decades ago is unrecognizable today. It has favored conspiracy theories over truth, anger over hope, and division over problem solving. As I serve my final months in Congress, I find I am left carrying the torch for the values and principles of a party that’s been overtaken by partisan politicos looking for the limelight and clinging to their sense of power instead of upholding their oaths of office. I’m holding out hope for what I know the Republican Party has been and can be, but every day that passes, I’m feeling more politically homeless. And I’m not alone.’

And getting into additional specifics, Kinzinger added:

‘With everything going on in Ukraine, we have to be clear-eyed about the gravity of this geopolitical moment, one of the most pivotal of our lifetimes. Some are using their platforms to provoke the latest outrage on Disney instead. It makes me sick to see people stoking this cultural anger and division for the sole purpose of ratings and money. Saying it’s a disservice to the people who trust them would be a severe understatement. It’s dereliction of duty… In Congress, we have members who stand with white nationalists and value money over principles. In the right-wing media, we have commentators who echo Vladimir Putin’s propaganda and blatantly lie to their viewers and readers.’

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis — who’s regarded as a potential presidential contender — is among those spreading outrage about Disney. DeSantis has lashed out against the company for its opposition to his ridiculous so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which has been nicknamed by critics that way because of its sharp restrictions on in-school discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity — basic elements of human life, the complexities of which some Republicans evidently find inconvenient. Kinzinger, meanwhile, says that he’s “organizing a nationwide effort called Primary First, focused on voter education and engagement,” explaining that he’s seeking “to encourage Americans to show up for primary elections and vote for candidates who will be servant-leaders to their constituents.” His efforts stand in contrast to Trump’s support for primary challengers to opponents of his, such as Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp. Trump is supporting former Georgia Republican Senator David Perdue’s Republican primary campaign against Kemp, who resisted going along with Trump’s election subversion attempts. Check out more from Kinzinger here.