Don Jr.’s Fiancée Caves & Meets With Jan. 6 Committee


Kimberly Guilfoyle, who’s Don Jr.’s fiancée and was involved with putting on the large outdoor rally in D.C. that immediately preceded last year’s Capitol violence, has met with the House committee investigating the Capitol riot following a subpoena from the panel. Investigators issued that subpoena after Guilfoyle abruptly abandoned a previous appearance before the committee that she’d been voluntarily making. According to CBS reporter Robert Costa, discussing the occasion when Guilfoyle first met with committee members: Guilfoyle and her legal team “grew immediately concerned when they saw who else was on the call, including lawmakers on the committee such as” Reps. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.). But this time, Guilfoyle appears to have stayed to face the questions investigators hoped to pose. She reportedly met with the committee for over nine hours.

Guilfoyle met with committee investigators in-person on Monday. As summarized by the Associated Press in reference to the D.C. event where Trump spoke ahead of the Capitol breach, “Lawmakers say that Guilfoyle, who was a chair of the Trump Victory Committee, the fundraising arm of his campaign, also raised funds for the rally and was in direct contact with its key participants and organizers.” It’s not immediately clear what Guilfoyle and committee members may have discussed — and exactly how cooperative that she may have been, but investigators apparently already obtained some of the documents they hoped to get from Guilfoyle. Committee members were after additional information regarding interactions Guilfoyle had with the then-president and others on the day of the riot. And Guilfoyle would be in a good position to provide useful information — she’s not a behind-the-scenes-focused individual. She spoke at the same D.C. rally where Trump made pre-riot remarks.

It’s previously been noted how Guilfoyle was involved in raising money for the infamous D.C. rally on the day of the riot. Meanwhile, other high-profile individuals around Trump who’ve recently spoken to the House committee investigating the Capitol riot include Ivanka Trump — the former president’s daughter, who was a presidential adviser throughout Donald’s time in office — and Jared Kushner, her husband, who’s also done a lot of work for the former president. The committee has, at this point, heard from well over 850 people and received more than 100,000 documents, including materials from Trump’s administration that he tried to keep hidden. Relatedly, former Trump attorney John Eastman — who was involved with formulating harebrained scenarios in which Biden’s election victory could supposedly be blocked — has claimed attorney-related privileges over more than 37,000 pages of emails ostensibly related to his work for Trump. The emails extend back to around the time of the 2020 presidential election, and Eastman made these claims in the context of a dispute with the riot panel, which has apparently objected to each and every privilege claim.