Hillary Clinton Issues Rallying-Cry To Fight Against GOP Book Bans


Hillary Clinton understands the fragility of democracy better than anyone in politics. That is why she is committed to fight against the authoritarian tactics being deployed by Republicans today.

‘Republican officials are banning books from Toni Morrison novels to math textbooks, threatening everyone’s right to read and learn what they like. But we can fight back. Share this resource of free banned books with someone who needs it.’

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People should have the freedom to read. So the NYPL has a new app for banned books:

‘[H]ave now partnered with publishers Hachette Book Group, Macmillan Publishers, and Scholastic to make a small selection of commonly banned or challenged books available to anyone who chooses to read them—all for free via our e-reader app, SimplyE.’ 

Those banning the books apparently have not invested a great deal of time in their conservative tear. They have based their bans basically on titles relating to “ LGBTQ+ issues, religion, and history:”

‘[These] are extremely disturbing and amount to an all-out attack on the very foundation of our democracy. The American Library Association (whose Library Bill of Rights is in clear opposition to any censorship or book banning) recently tracked an unprecedented number of challenges to library, school, and university materials in 2021.’

The library reminds us that “knowledge is power, ignorance is dangerous.” That is what those ultra-right characters are trying to do to Americans, kill knowledge. Clinton continued:

‘Knowledge is power; ignorance is dangerous, breeding hate and division. All people have the right to read or not read what they want—we are all entitled to make those choices. But to protect those freedoms, the books and information must remain available. Any effort to eliminate those choices stands in opposition to freedom of choice, and we cannot let that happen.’

Luckily, Clinton manages to direct Americans in the right direction with actionable opportunities to solve the big problems.

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