Trump Reports Losses Despite Large Donations, As Grift Continues


Even though Donald Trump continues to bring in the big bucks, his Make America Great Again (MAGA) PAC continues to leak like a sieve. For the last three quarters, his fundraising showed a loss. In the third quarter of 2021 alone, it lost $1.2 million. So where has the money been going?

It appears that Trump’s attorneys have been sucking up the big bucks. And this looked like a win-win for the former president, since he notoriously leaves his attorney’s fees hanging. The PAC’s total expenses ran $2.6 million. Unfortunately, the attorneys ate up 40 percent of his total take, according to The Daily Beast.

That meant that his available remaining cash was $6.66 million at the end of 2021. By March it was just $5.47 million. Since he left office, his PAC has already spent half of the money from the amount he had when he began 2021, $10.7 million.

Then, there was one bizarre PAC check for rent to Trump Tower. Normally, the rent has been $37,541.67 per month. So far, he should show three months’ rent, but there was just the one marked for the line item of rent. We do not know why the mysterious check did not go to Trump Tower. Instead, it went to a Post Office Box in Hicksville, New York. That is a town in Long Island about an hour’s drive from Fifth Avenue, The Salon reported:

‘The campaign’s rent checks have vacillated over the years between Trump Tower and Hicksville, seemingly at random, with no explanation. However, that mailbox is a short drive from Trump’s longtime accountants, Mazars USA. MAGA PAC’s last rent check was made out Feb. 11. Three days later, Mazars dropped Trump as a client, citing unreliable financial statement.’

And there was the money the PAC paid to Mar-a-Lago, according to The Forbes Magazine. In February alone, his PAC paid out $318,000. That fee represented nearly 23 percent of its total output of money.

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For some reason, the MAGA PAC spent over half a million to 2M Document Management and Imaging LLC for “research consulting.”  In total, it paid over $1 million in one quarter. Yet, no other campaign committee ever hired them. Hopefully, those charges had nothing to do with the 15 boxes of documents, some marked “Top Secret,” that laid languishing at Mar-a-Lago until the National Archive retrieved them.

So who benefited from this odd method of accruing fundraising money? Jesse Binnall’s firm took in $410,000 for services rendered. Then, Binnall subcontracted part of its legal fees to local attorneys. Those names remained unlisted at this point in time with a few exceptions.

There was the Hall Estill firm out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was used in a case that claimed civil rights violations against Trump’s June 2020 rally, The Tulsa World newspaper reported. It involved COVID-19.

Trump claimed a total of $8 million in legal fees and $7.8 million of it went to legal fees in the first half of 2021. But in the remainder of the year, the ex-president’s PAC dropped off those payments sharply $1.7 million. That was when the Republican National Committee (RNC) decided to pick up a former president’s legal fees for the first time. That freed up a substantial amount of Trump’s PAC money.

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In addition, Trump’s PAC paid out $52,500 per month to Elections LLC and Trump Save America. That organization was formed by three of his top aides. So the three entities that hauled in half of Trump’s legal fees per quarter were Binnall’s firm, Elections LLC, and the unnamed local legal subcontractors

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