Ukrainians Down Over A Dozen Russian Aircraft In 24 Hours


“Glory to the air defense! Death to the occupiers!” is the slogan in a Ukrainian Air Force tweet. Before Russia attacked this year, the United States had inserted U.S. military to train Ukrainians about certain tactical information and equipment. Then when Vladimir Putin attacked, we pulled out all of our troops. But we left a highly effective and dedicated Ukrainian military. For instance, the they claim to have just taken down half a dozen helicopters and the same number of planes out of action in just one day.

Putin has consolidated and moved his front down to the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine where he just lost that air support. In one day alone, the Ukrainians picked 15 enemy aircraft from the air, the Ukrainian Air Force reported.

They included Su-35 and Su-34 jets along with “a Su-25 ground attack plane.” The Ukrainian military even took out a Ka-52 Alligator, one of Russia’s most sophisticated assault helicopters along with two transport Mi-8 helicopters, The Kyiv Post reported.

The unmanned drones were multi-purpose, according to The Airforce-Technology:

‘[It]is intended for a variety of missions including aerial reconnaissance, observation, monitoring, search and rescue, combat training, jamming, detection of radio signals, and target tracking in hard-to-reach terrains.’

Russia’s most contemporary assault helicopter, the Ka-52 Alligator, was also reportedly shot down along with two multi-purpose Mi-8 helicopters. Nine Orlan-10 battle drones were also downed the same day.

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Military Land, an open-source intelligence site showed:

‘[The] Russian offensive in [the] Donbas has stalled. The enemy focuses on shelling Ukrainian defensive lines along the contact line, but is unable to advance forward.’

Any claims that the Russian military has taken Mariupol are not true. There was still a large contingency of soldiers living within the bowels of a massive steel plant, at least 1,000 members of the Ukrainian military. There was also a large number of citizens who took refuge there.

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Putin decided to claim victory, but nothing has changed. Rather than lose his military fighting in hand-to-hand combat under the plant, which would be extremely difficult, he decided to bomb the steel plant and starve the Ukrainians into submission. But, the remaining Ukrainian soldiers vowed to fight to the last drop of their blood:

‘Russia claimed the full control of Mariupol today, but that’s false and Ukrainian troops remain besieged in Azovstal. Russian president Putin ordered to stop the operation to capture the plant to save the lives of Russian soldiers. The first Russian units have reportedly begun to withdraw from Mariupol.’

By the end of the day on April 21, 15 air targets were hit:

☑️ 3 aircraft (preliminary Su-34, Su-35, Su-25);
☑️ 3 helicopters (two Mi-8 and one Ka-52);
☑️ 9 OTR UAVs (Orlan-10).#stoprussia
🇺🇦 Glory to the air defense!
Death to the occupiers!’

The Russians lost 15 aircraft after April 21.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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