MAGA Cult Trucker Convoy Repelled By Egg-Throwing Kids


According to a new report from SFGATE, participants in the People’s Convoy — the bumbling group of right-wing truckers and their supporters that somehow is still going (they must be bored) — were confronted by egg-throwing kids in California last Friday. The protest participants began their seemingly neverending trek to do… something in southern California, from which they drove to the Washington, D.C., area, setting up shop (so to speak) in Hagerstown, Maryland. In D.C., the demonstrators’ efforts could easily be described as a failure — there’s not a single apparent policy change at the federal level that can be tied to the convoy, even though members of the group surely made an obnoxious show out of whatever it is they were doing.

SFGATE provides a fairly detailed breakdown of what occurred around the time that those California kids egged the convoy members last week. As the publication explains it, “On Friday afternoon, the small convoy of semitrucks, pickup trucks, minivans and other cars drove to Democratic Assemblymember Buffy Wicks’ East Bay home to protest her support of an abortion rights bill. As they honked and used bullhorns in the quiet residential neighborhood, neighbors gathered to heckle them right back, yelling at the truckers to get off their street. Livestreams posted by convoy participants show police arriving to protect Wicks’ home, which eventually prompted the group to move on. It was here the convoy members made their mistake, driving onto busy, one-lane College Avenue on the Berkeley-Oakland border.” After that point, the kids with the eggs began targeting protest participants. Apparently, there was a Safeway grocery store near where it all went down.

One of the participants in the convoy apparently shouted that protesters were “fighting for your freedoms too!” The crowd, though, didn’t seem to care about the self-important hogwash that the group wanted to push. “Get the fuck out of here” was among the replies from onlookers to the convoy’s presence. The confrontation apparently unfolded around Rockridge, according to SFGATE — Rockridge is a neighborhood in Oakland. Protest participants have set up their base of operations at the Sacramento Raceway Park, to which they reportedly returned following the mishap with the eggs. Members of the group have also been in San Francisco recently, but according to reporter Zachary Petrizzo (who’s kept tabs on the convoy protests for awhile), they failed there too. Protesters were hoping to put flags in Nancy Pelosi’s yard… but they failed to figure out which house was hers. Although they’re still at it, they’re really not doing anything substantial besides wasting gas and embarrassing themselves. The self-importance and persecution complex held by so many on the Right have struck again.

Featured Image via Stephen Melkisethian on Flickr, available under a Creative Commons License