Video Released By GOP Group Exposes Madison Cawthorn Corruption


It appears that the GOP has it in for Madison Cawthorn, the North Carolinian Republican. It began with his comment about being asked to join in orgies by others in his party. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) immediately claimed that the younger politician “lost my trust.” Then, a North Carolina senator released an ad accusing him of lying.

The spot set Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) back for $310,000 with the voiceover saying, as The Axios, reported:

‘Madison Cawthorn lied about being accepted to the Naval Academy to get elected. Now, Cawthorn’s been caught lying about conservatives. In perpetual pursuit of celebrity, Cawthorn will lie about anything. An attention-seeking embarrassment, Cawthorn’s antics help him but hurt us. Lying about conservatives, stolen valor, Madison Cawthorn lies for the limelight.’

In addition, the ad goes after the freshman representative for making false claims about other members of his party. Tillis has decided to go with state Senator Chuck Edwards (R) instead of Cawthorn, along with state Senators Phil Berger (R) and House Speaker Tim Moore (R). Tillis said, as WRAL reported:

‘Madison Cawthorn has fallen well short of the most basic standards Western North Carolina expects from their representatives, and voters now have several well-qualified candidates to choose from who would be a significant improvement.’

The 30-second spot appeared on YouTube and dipped into a number of Cawthorn’s questionable assertions about his background. For example, the young representative said that he had already been accepted by the Naval Academy prior to his vehicle accident in 2014. The accident paralyzed him, and now he is confined to a wheelchair.

The Republican representative has been a very religious conservative. And after he was photographed wearing women’s lingerie, The POLITICO reported that Cawthorn thought the photos were just part of a liberal campaign to discredit him:

‘I guess the left thinks goofy vacation photos during a game on a cruise (taken waaay before I ran for Congress) is going to somehow hurt me? They’re running out of things to throw at me… Share your most embarrassing vacay pics in the replies.’

Screen-Shot-2022-04-25-at-12.31.16-PM Video Released By GOP Group Exposes Madison Cawthorn Corruption Corruption Election 2022 Featured Politics Top Stories

Cawthorn appeared in a podcast in 2020 saying:

‘I was raised on Proverbs and pushups. I subscribe to Judeo-Christian beliefs…I think if you think about my political ideology, where it really stems from, you know, my ethics and my morals and what I think is right and wrong, you look to ancient Jerusalem, you got ancient Judeo-Christian values. So right and wrong.’

Screen-Shot-2022-04-25-at-12.58.21-PM Video Released By GOP Group Exposes Madison Cawthorn Corruption Corruption Election 2022 Featured Politics Top Stories

In another podcast in 2021, Order of Man, he said:

‘I think that we have bred a generation of soft men and that generation has created a lot of problems in our society and our culture designed to reclaim and restore masculinity in a society that is ever more dismissive of what it means to be a man.’

At this time, Cawthorn was just one of seven Republican candidates running for his seat. The following is the ad against Cawthorn:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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