Alexander Vindman Embarrasses Rand Paul For Hearing Performance


Secretary of State Antony Blinken came to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to ask legislators to fund President Joe Biden’s State Department budget. Funding is crucial for Ukraine to hand Russian President Vladimir Putin a “strategic failure” and maintain world order. He also supported Ukraine’s entry to NATO. Then Blinken ran into Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) perpetual case of peevishness.

Former National Security Council and White House staffer Dr. Alexander Vindman tweeted “Paul implies that Russia is justified in attacking Ukraine:”

‘A stunning exchange between @RandPaul & @SecBlinken
Paul implies that Russia is justified in attacking Ukraine because, UKR was once part of the USSR. By that logic Britain is justified in attacking the U.S. and colonial powers their former holdings. What century does he live in?’

Paul accused President Biden of trying to get Ukraine into NATO, according to PBS:

‘[B]eating the drums to admit Ukraine to NATO [although Russia] absolutely hated [it] and said was a red line.’

In turn, Blinken was logical in his response:

‘[It] goes to the heart of the international system and the international order. And part of that is a basic principle that one country can’t dictate to another the choices it makes about with whom it allies, its foreign policies.’

And Blinken added a real zinger at the end:

‘We, Senator, are not going to be more Ukrainian than the Ukrainians. These are decisions for them to make. Our purpose is to make sure that they have within their hands the ability to repel the Russian aggression and indeed to strengthen their hand at an eventual negotiating table.’

And so we shall.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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