Marjorie Greene Gets Embarrassed On House Floor Via Jamie Raskin


During recent debate in the House, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) shredded some of the most recent disgraceful nonsense from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), who’s for some godforsaken reason opted to rhetorically prop up Russia’s Vladimir Putin amid the Ukrainian people’s ongoing struggle to stop the Russian president’s unfolding brutality. After images from areas near the Ukrainian capital emerged depicting indiscriminate executions of civilians by Russian troops, Greene took to Twitter to complain about the so-called demonization of Vladimir Putin. That moral disgrace can’t be overcome or simply wished away. Greene has also blamed Ukraine for Putin’s decision to invade. “You see Ukraine just kept poking the bear, poking the bear, which is Russia, and Russia invaded,” the Congresswoman remarked. Putin’s forces have killed tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians, devastating areas across the targeted country — and Greene would blame Ukrainians.

Raskin went after Greene for her distraction-oriented antics. Although House members were debating a Ukraine-related policy measure, Greene didn’t mention the country a single time in her then-recently concluded remarks, Raskin noted. Instead, Greene trotted out rhetoric about a so-called “massive invasion” at the southern border of the United States — a false characterization of what’s actually happening. Large numbers of apprehensions of people trying to cross the border don’t indicate an “invasion.” Greene’s a liar. Raskin summarized Greene and the Republican Party’s antics thusly:

‘All of these efforts to distract us from the issue at hand are meant to cover up the very clear pro-Russian and pro-Putin faction at the heart of their side of the aisle. Last month, in March of this year, the very distinguished gentlelady from Georgia went on a radio show called The Voice of Rural America, and she followed Donald Trump’s sickening appeasement of Vladimir Putin and blamed Ukraine for the situation. She said, “You see, Ukraine just kept poking the bear, and poking the bear, which is Russia, and Russia invaded. There’s no win for Ukraine here. Russia is successful in this invasion.” We have members of Congress who are cheerleaders for Vladimir Putin and are voices of nothing but defeatism, fatalism, and pessimism for democracy in Europe, and so they try to distract us with a lot of phony rhetoric about other issues.’

“Now [Greene] had the opportunity to tell the world what her views about Russia are,” the Maryland Congressman noted. “She’s said that the aid that the taxpayers of America are sending to the people of Ukraine to defend themselves against Vladimir Putin and the Russian army falls into the hands of Nazis. I want to see her proof… She talks about NATO Nazis. Does the minority believe that our allies in NATO who are trying to defend the people of Ukraine are Nazis? Has it come to this?”

Greene’s remarks about supposed Ukrainian Nazis misrepresent the facts. In Ukraine, a military group called the Azov Battalion, which is part of Ukraine’s National Guard, has connections to and members involved with far-right extremism, and the seriousness of that piece of context obviously isn’t something to be denied. But the group doesn’t appear to entirely consist of far-right agitators. Since it became official, the politics seem to have been somewhat dialed down. And considering the large overall size of Ukraine’s military — and the expanse of far-right movements elsewhere in Europe and the U.S., characterizing Ukrainian forces as “Nazis” would be an inaccurate exaggeration. American soldiers aren’t just “Nazis” because of the instances of far-right extremism that have unfolded among them. Watch Raskin’s comments about Greene below: