Biden Shows Up Trump At WH Correspondence Dinner With A Zinger


A president of these United States attended the black-tie White House Correspondents’ Association dinner for the first time in years. Even with concerns over the COVID pandemic, President Joe Biden showed up, took his knocks, and got his own out there amid long-deserved laughter.

President Biden “poked fun at the Republican Party, former President Donald Trump, the pandemic, and the press,” according to NBC News.

He managed to hit his predecessor, saying that this was the first time in six years, “the president attended this dinner,” according to The Washington Post:

‘This is the first time the president attended this dinner in six years. It’s understandable, we had a horrible plague followed by two years of Covid. Just imagine, if my predecessor came to this dinner this year, now that would have been a real coup if that occurred. A little tough, huh?’

South African native and Comedy Central’s The Daily Show’s host Trevor Noah hosted the event and said that he realized the event’s planners wanted a South African variant. He also quipped:

‘It is my great honor to be speaking tonight at the nation’s most distinguished superspreader event. [where President Biden gets his] highest approval ratings standing next to a biracial African guy.’

President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden did not attend the dinner to prevent unnecessary exposure to the Coronavirus. But they managed to make it for the traditional exchange of humor. His was fairly gentle self-depreciation:

‘Thank you for that introduction and the 42 percent who applauded it [journalist hosts were] the only group of Americans with a lower approval rating than I have.’

Although the “Let’s go, Brandon” chant stands for an obscenity directed at him, POTUS did a tongue-in-cheek comment:

‘Republicans seem to support some guy named Brandon. He’s having a really good year. And I’m happy for him!’

Then, President Biden took a swing at Fox News:

‘[If you’re wondering if it’s safe] contact your favorite Fox News correspondent — they’re all here, vaccinated and boosted.’

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Donald Trump attended the 2011 Correspondent’s Dinner where President Barack Obama did some repaying of his own for the former president’s birther comments. People close to Trump said that that was the moment when he made the decision to run for president.

Host Seth Meyers joked about it saying, according to YouTube.

‘Trump said he’s running as a Republican. Which is surprising; I just assumed he was running as a joke.’

Screen-Shot-2022-05-01-at-9.59.04-AM Biden Shows Up Trump At WH Correspondence Dinner With A Zinger Featured Media Politics Social Media Top Stories

The number of celebrities was down in 2022, but SNL’s (Saturday Night Live’s) Pete Davidson and his date Kim Kardashian among others did a cameo.

Take a look at President Biden in action below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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