2 Russian Command Centers Destroyed By Ukrainian Forces


In recent rounds of fighting, Ukrainian forces have apparently launched over 40 strikes on Russian forces throughout southern Ukraine. The Ukrainians have reportedly destroyed a Russian command operations center, three ammunition depots, and one fuel and oils depot, along with individual Russian troops and pieces of military equipment. Information on these Ukrainian strategic triumphs over locally operating Russian troops came from the Southern Operational Command in Ukraine’s military and was reported on by sources including Ukrinform, a Ukrainian government information outlet.

According to the same component of the Ukrainian military, the country’s defenders also destroyed a Russian command center on Zmiinyi Island, otherwise known as Snake Island, which is where an infamous interaction between Ukrainian personnel and Russian invaders took place. According to one translation, after receiving a message demanding that they “lay down your weapons and surrender to avoid bloodshed and needless casualties,” Ukrainian border guards on the island sent back a message of: “Russian warship, go fuck yourself.” The ship addressed by the Ukrainian guard team later sunk after a strike by Ukrainian forces. Called the Moskva and named after the Russian capital, it was reportedly the largest Russian warship to be lost in fighting since World War II.

At least some Ukrainians who’d been stationed on or gone to that island were taken captive by the Russians but later saved by Ukrainian leaders who negotiated their release in exchange for Russian personnel captured by Ukraine. As explained by Ukraine’s Parliament in a March 24 Twitter update, “Additionally, today, #Ukraine exchanged 11 Russian sailors we rescued from a sunken ship near #Odesa to 19 Ukrainian sailors (authors of the legendary phrase “Russian warship go f*** yourself”).” The Ukrainian Parliament’s revelations added that the sailors ‘will return home from the rescue ship “Sapphire,” which was captured by the Russian occupiers while trying to withdraw Ukrainian troops from the #Zmiiny island. Under the exchange terms, the lifeboat will also be returned to #Ukraine and sent to a Turkish port.’ Meanwhile, Russians once again struck the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on Tuesday, reportedly damaging electrical substations there and leaving electricity and water supply temporarily impeded in parts of the city, which is distant from main fronts of ground-level fighting — but not without Russian threats.