Democrat Flips Seat In Deep Red District, As Blue Wave Returns


This year’s Republicans and Independents did not like their legislative representative candidate’s insensitive comments about sexual crimes. As a result, it appears that on Tuesday Carol Glanville (D) beat Robert (R. J.) Regan (R) in Michigan’s special election. This is how events unfolded.

Even though the seat for the 74th District has always gone for the Grand Old Party, there was hope that the Democrat could pick it up after Regan’s repugnant rape comments. And that wish appeared to come true.

Regan made the callous rape comment in March. He suggested that should a woman be raped, she should just “lie back and enjoy it.” The candidate also dove deeply into the conspiracy theory pond and expressed antisemitic views.

But that was not all he did. Regan was also rooting for the Russians instead of the Ukrainians in their ongoing war, according to Glanville’s website:

‘This May 3 we have a choice. Carol Glanville won 32% of the overall vote in the primary. Meanwhile, her Republican candidate backs the Russian invasion of Ukraine, believes both COVID-19 and climate change are hoaxes. He also personally attended the January 6th march in DC–which led to the attack on our capital and democracy.’

As a result, the Michigan Republican Party Chair Ron Weiser expressed his disapproval. However, the party chair made no mention of him withdrawing.

Following the rape comment and the Democrat’s candidate’s primary win, Weiser released a statement that read, according to The Detroit Free Press:

‘Mr. Regan’s history of foolish, egregious and offensive comments, including his most recent one are simply beyond the pale.’

Although the race for the House seat has not been called, Glanville was ahead by 1500 votes late Tuesday evening. She was carrying 51 percent of the total votes compared to just 40 percent for Regan. There was an additional 7.9 percent for write-in voters.

There have been four empty seats in the House until a special election could be completed for each of them.

Glanville serves as a city commissioner and formerly was a teacher/administrator. Her website listed her priorities:

  1. ‘Education
  2. Good-paying jobs
  3. The environment.’

The new representative tweeted her thanks to the voters:

‘West Michigan values of integrity, decency, and care for the common good won tonight. The people of the 74th District have spoken, and I hear you. We are united in fundamental ways, and I will take our values and concerns to the Capitol to affect positive change. Thank you!’

Screen-Shot-2022-05-04-at-9.11.34-AM Democrat Flips Seat In Deep Red District, As Blue Wave Returns Crime Featured Politics Sexual Assault/Rape Top Stories

Glanville’s  campaign website reads:

‘My family was blessed to be in a community that loved its first responders. The care and outreach from the area citizens only pushed me to be a better officer and person. This community has made me realize that even after a rewarding law enforcement career, I am not done serving.’

Representative Andrea Schroeder (R) held the seat prior to her death from stomach cancer.

The Oakland Press reported that another Republican contender Mike Harris had been with the Waterford Township Police for 25 years before retiring.

Screen-Shot-2022-05-04-at-9.06.21-AM Democrat Flips Seat In Deep Red District, As Blue Wave Returns Crime Featured Politics Sexual Assault/Rape Top Stories

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