Jan. 6 Rioter Sentenced To 2+ Years For Hitting & Kicking Police


Georgia resident Kevin Douglas Creek has been sentenced to 27 months in prison for assaulting police officers during the January 6 Capitol riot. Creek evidently struck, kicked, and pushed two different officers; according to the Justice Department, he hit an officer with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and then pushed and kicked an officer with the U.S. Capitol Police. After his stint in prison, Creek will also be required to be under supervised release for one year, and he’ll also have to pay $2,000 in financial penalties. He originally pleaded guilty last December.

In other riot-related news, a third individual was revealed this Wednesday to be preparing to plead guilty to seditious conspiracy in connection to actions taken by the violent, far-right group known as the Oath Keepers around the time of the Capitol riot. That third individual — North Carolina resident William Todd Wilson — will join Joshua James and Brian Ulrich in pleading guilty to seditious conspiracy over riot-related actions. Wilson was also set to plead guilty to obstruction of an official proceeding. Although he seems likely to end up with significantly less than the legally established maximum jail-terms for the offenses, both crimes come with up to 20 years in prison apiece if found guilty.

Members of the Oath Keepers prepared for potentially lethal violence around the time of the Capitol riot. A document associated with Wilson’s case states that Oath Keepers leaders including Wilson “coordinated travel across the country to enter Washington, D.C., equipped themselves with a variety of weapons, donned combat and tactical gear, and were prepared to answer Rhodes’s call to take up arms at Rhodes’s direction. WILSON and other co-conspirators also amassed firearms on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. — some distributed across hotels and “quick reaction force” (“QRF”) teams — and planned to use them in support of their plot to halt the lawful transfer of power.” Stewart Rhodes is the founder and leader of the national Oath Keepers organization, who has also been charged with seditious conspiracy and was ordered to be held in pre-trial detention.

In more riot-related news, the fourth conviction on all counts at a jury trial for a riot defendant was recently unveiledevery jury trial for Capitol rioters has so far ended the same way, with convictions on all counts. The latest to be convicted, former New York City police officer Thomas Webster, claimed that he assaulted a particular police officer in self-defense, which the jury didn’t buy. The officer, who testified at Webster’s trial, appears to have made brief physical contact with Webster after the defendant pushed a bike rack towards police — and then, Webster flipped out, tackling the officer to the ground, grabbing at and forcibly removing the officer’s gas mask, and — whether intentionally or not — choking the officer with a chin strap on the targeted cop’s helmet. Webster’s offenses include five felonies. Other arguments from defendants that have been rejected by juries include the notion that Trump should be held responsible for their actions in D.C. None of the riot defendants who’ve been convicted by a jury have been sentenced yet.