Raphael Warnock Beats GOP Challenger In Senate Election Polling


Georgia Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock is leading likely Republican general election challenger Herschel Walker by five percent in a new poll of likely general election voters recently published by Atlanta’s 11Alive, an NBC affiliate. Warnock garnered 50 percent of the support, while Walker had 45 percent, and five percent of respondents indicated that they were undecided. Walker still has to win a Republican primary race, but polling indicates that he seems likely to finish far ahead of the second-place contender.

Warnock’s original victory over incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler last year was close — he prevailed with a leading margin of about 2 percent, with 51 percent of the final vote compared to 49 percent for Loeffler. Polling — some of which has had Walker in the lead when dealing with the likely general election match-up — seems to indicate that the next election for Warnock’s seat will also have a strikingly close finish. Meanwhile, the newly available polling with Warnock leading Walker indicated that the Democratic incumbent led among independents by six percent, with 49 percent of the group’s support compared to 43 percent for Walker — although the same group supported incumbent Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp over Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams, albeit by a smaller margin.

Walker also led Abrams among self-identifying “moderate” voters among respondents involved in the new polling. A full 63 percent of the group backed Warnock, while 55 percent supported Abrams, suggesting Warnock might be somewhat more popular in some fashion. As for the Warnock-Walker match-up, in the new polling, 90 percent of Black respondents supported Warnock, while just eight percent backed Walker. Hispanic respondents were slightly more supportive of Warnock than Walker, while Walker led among white voters, with 65 percent of the support from that group. Warnock’s campaign has seen record-setting fundraising numbers — in the first quarter of this year, he raised $13.6 million, which the Senator’s campaign said was the highest-ever fundraising total for a U.S. Senate candidate in the first quarter of an election year.

Walker — who has the support of Donald Trump — has defined some of his time in the public spotlight amid his Senate campaign by evidently lying. In February of this year, he claimed to have “started this little… drapery company, where I still have about 250 people that sew drapery and bedspreads for me.” In reality, the company — which Walker has referred to as both Renaissance Manufacturing and Renaissance Hospitality, both of which no longer exist — doesn’t seem to have been started or legitimately owned by him in any legally meaningful sense. Walker described a company he owned, Renaissance Man Foods, as “the largest minority-owned food company in the United States,” which doesn’t seem to be true according to any reasonable estimation. He’d fit right in among also deceptive Senate Republicans. Control of both chambers of Congress will be at stake in the upcoming midterm elections, and the ramifications if Republicans take control could be serious. Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), recently released a policy agenda that pushes the prospect of raising income taxes on over half of Americans.